Sunday, January 3, 2016

REVIEW: Lorac Pro Contour Kit

I am super happy with this kit overall! First I will start with packaging, which I love. I love the way Lorac packages their Pro series. Most palettes either have a hard metal/plastic case or a very fragile cardboard-like case. Lorac's Pro series has cases that are soft and gripped, lined with a sued-like material. They are awesome and they help absorb shock so your makeup is less likely to break when dropped. Plus it looks professional, expensive and high end.

I love the pigmentation on this palette. When you have eye shadow you want the colors to be as rich and pigmented as possible, but with contour there has to be a balance between enough pigment that a little goes a long way and not so much that you end up with a dark streaky mess. This palette has the perfect balance! Plus the shimmer highlighter is the best powder one I have tried in a long time! It wasn't glittery. It had just enough shimmer to catch the light without making you look like you are covered in pixie dust (perfect for strobbing)! I felt the colors were very versatile. I was surprised by how dark the darkest shade was, it was a little dark for me personally, however I still feel like I am going to use it, especially on special occasions where I put a lot of time into my look. I really feel like I will use all the colors often, however I feel it wont work well for people with really dark or ebony skin tones.

The full kit comes with the palette and the brush, as well as a very informative and easy to follow contour how-to guide. The brush is okay. It is kind of dense, so for people who are beginners or who like a softer look this brush is a little tricky to work with. But if you like a dramatic look and know what you are doing it will probably work great for you. The biggest thing is ease of use. Powdered contouring is harder than cream contours, so it is pretty average as far as that goes. And because it is pretty pigmented if you don't know what you are doing it can be tricky to work with. If you are beginner I recommend a Sculpt/Light in a Stick Duo from Tyra Beauty! Click Here to learn more about those! 

In the end it gets a 4.5 out of 5! The only reasons it didn't get a 5 is that I do not think it will work on ebony skin tones (and they do not make a second one for darker skin tones) and because I think the brush could be better if it were a softer angled brush. But over all this is my favorite powder contour palette and I highly recommend it.

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