Friday, January 22, 2016

Kat Von D Collaborates with....

Have you seen the latest celeb collaboration in the works? Recently celebrities have been teaming up with big name beauty brands to create beautiful packaging, new shades and limited time only palettes that people go crazy over! I mean have you seen Gwen Stefanie's Urban Decay Collection? And let's not forget about Instagram's very own Vegas Nay and her collaboration with Too Faced, as well as Eyelure! Also with Eyelure not to long ago? Katy Perry.

 As you can see these collaborations are common and fun! Well Kat Von D has been teasing fans with the illusion to an upcoming collaboration with Too Faced! I was surprised ot hear the news honestly. I mean Gwen Stefani, nor Vegas Nay have their own cosmetics line, where Kat Von D does (currently at Sephora and online exclusively). However these two insta posts pretty much prove it's coming! One shows Von D with the CEO of Too Faced (and some secret stuff blurred out on the table between them) and then a sneak peak of what is to come!!!

So here are my questions! When is it coming!? Hopefully soon, with all the not so subtle hint dropping! WHERE!? I am sure it will be online, and also in Sephora. However truth be told I am not a Sephora fan. Ulta is more my speed because it has a wider selection of cosmetics, skin care and hair care, as well as sales and a great rewards program. But while Ulta carries Too Faced it does not have Kat Von D, so will it have the collaboration? I HOPE SO!

What are you most excited for?

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