Friday, December 11, 2015

What Should I use to Contour?

There are so many ways to contour right now, and there are all kinds of items you can use to do it, however these are my favorites and why I love them, as well as what I do not recommend. With contouring there is really only two different mediums you can use, cream and powder. I love both, and with the right items you can not go wrong.

Lorac Pro Contour Palette
Why I Love It: The powder has a silky finish and almost buttery feel. It has three different dark shades for contouring and three highlight shades (a neutral and golden and a shimmer shade). I usually hate contour palettes because I only use 2-3 shades and I pay for 6-8, however with this one the shades are so bendable and versatile that I use all 6 often! I also love the instructional book it comes with. Instead of having an intimidating face chart covered in lines, it has several face charts with just a few spots each showing the different kinds of contouring and why you would use it (not just one face with all 4 diagrams on one).

What I Don't Love: The brush is high quality, but I do not much care for the shape of it in general. I prefer to use an angled cheek brush for contouring myself, however I do love the Lorac brush for highlighting.

Tyra Beauty 2 Minute Ty-Over (Light & Sculpt In A Stick)
Why I Love It: This product is fool proof. It is creamy and bendable and easy to use. It is perfect for any newbie because on single shade can be put on your face and blended until you can not see it anymore, making it mistake proof! Plus the highlighter is to die for! It my favorite cream highlighter on the market.

What I Don't Love: You can only get it online! I hate paying for shipping with a passion.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette 
Why I Love It: It has several shades, so you are bound to find the right one for you, and if you are a professional then you will have fundamental shades for most skin types. Plus it stays on all day long!

What I Don't Love: To many shades for the average joe! I would only use 2 in the whole palette, but they are so beautiful!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Palette
Why I Love It: You can pop out one of the powders and replace it with a new canister when you run out, as opposed to re-buying the palette.

What I Don't Love: It doesn't stay on all day like their cream counterpart. It also has a lot of weird shades that I can not use. At least with other palettes the shades are not right for me but others may love them, however this one is full of orange bronze tones, and that is not my style. I like to look natural. There is one with more natural colors but they are all super dark for fair skinned people, plus the texture is really grainy.

NYX Wonder Stick
Why I Love It: This one is similar to the Tyra Beauty sticks, however it is dual ended so it is convenient, plus it's price point is low.

What I Don't Love: In this case you get what you pay for because it doesn't stay on or blend well and it has a very oily formula.

***Thanks to Carrie Kruig for asking this question***

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