Saturday, September 5, 2015

Textured Braided Fauxhawk Ponytail

Fun braided fauxhawk pony tail I did on my friend tonight! I had a ton of fun!

Her hair was braided after she had showered so her hair already had some wave in it. I did 6 curls with a flat iron to break up the waves a little. Then I put some powder play from sexy hair on the roots for prep.

I proceeded to use a Redken Teasing Brush to tease a horse shoe section of her head (see the diagram on the right).

Making sure my hands were lightly covered in Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream I took a thick section (section one in the diagram) and began to do a dutch braid (also known as an inverted braid). As I braided back I fed new hair into the middle section by taking haphazard random sections from either side of the braid.

Once I was at the back of the horse shoe I took the end of the braid and the hair from the sides of the head (the hair in front of the ears) and created a small high ponytail. After clipping this pony tail out of the way I create a second high ponytail, using all of the rest of the hair, and place it underneath the first getting them as close together as possible.

Put Wind Blow by Redken hairspray in the pony tail. Then use your hands to pull the peices of the braid out so that it is loose and full.
 DONE :)

Thanks to Jessica Allman for letting me play with her hair :)

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