Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eyebrow Extensions

Picture from: @EyebrowExtensionsUtah
Here is the email I got:

"So there is this new thing, eyebrow extensions. I am not really sure what they are, but the before and afters look amazing! I have almost no eyebrows (from over plucking in high school) and these look like a great solution, but I want your honest opinion. What are they exactly? How are they done? Are they worth it?"

So eyebrow extension pictures have taken over social media in a very big way. The before and after picture are indeed phenomenal! With big bold brows being what is in, getting that look with hair like extensions as opposed to drawing them on is awesome! But I so not recommend eyebrow extensions and this is why.

The average price for eyebrow extensions is around $90 a set. They take almost 2 hours to put on and the prices I found range anywhere from $50 to $150 (and a few who charge even more)! Now I have no problem with hair stylists and estheticians charging what they are worth, and if that is the going rate for the extensions that is fine. My problem with these extensions is that they are very touchy. They are not sturdy and do not stay on very long. So you are paying $80+ for something that only lasts a couple of weeks if you do not rub them.

Also in eyebrow extension care guides I found that you can not swim with them on, and they recommend you do your best not to get them wet in the shower. You are supposed to avoid them when wiping your makeup off at night and using cleansers. This is a HUGE red flag to me. I love my cleansers! How am I supposed to clean off my brow makeup if I can't use makeup removers or cleansers around my brows? I guess I just hate the idea of having to baby my eyebrows.

However if you feel like the money is worth the 2 weeks of fabulous looks, or would be for one specific event in your life then go for it! These ladies are seriously talented and have skills that I do not! However make sure you are looking at before and after pictures where the brows are NOT filled! Some of the pictures make it look like the impossible can be done because the after pictures include perfectly penciled in brows.   

***Thanks to DaniE for asking this question***


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