Friday, June 19, 2015

What Makeup Products Are Your Go-To's

I think I am going to have to make this an every 6 month post! My go-tos change all the time because new things are constantly coming out. When I started this blog 2 years ago I wrote a similar post called "What Makeup Products Do You Use" reading over it I used 80% Mary Kay and the rest were drug store brands! Oh how far I have come! I am excited to share with you my go-to favorites! 

- Primers - I am in love with the TooFaced Eyeshadow Insurance Glitter Glue Primer (left) for my eye shadow. However for an all over face primer I usually use Laura Geller Supercharged Spackle Primer because it is a more cost effective primer, but it is still effective.

- Foundation - Complexion Rescue from Bare Minerals (right)

- Eye Shadow - uh.... I use so many! Right now though I have been using a lot of purples and my favorite is the Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo in Shade 6. It has a purple and light lilac (purple-ish pink) color (left). Both stay true to tone even when layered over brown. If I am going for a casual look, or if I am doing a smoky brown look I stick to the Tyra Beauty Eyes in a Stick in the shade Once You Go Brown. It is creamy and blend-able and makes getting a soft blended look easy and fast!

- Eye Liner - I have yet to find anything I like better than the Bare Minerals Lasting Line Eyeliners (left). I have been stuck on this stuff since June of 2014 and no matter what else I try I am still in love.

- Brow Pencil - Brow Power is my current favorite from It Cosmetics. It is easy to use in the shade Universal Taupe. Easy to blend and it always looks soft and natural. I am big on the fot and natural look though.

- Mascara - Smack My Fat Lash by Tyra Beauty (right), is hands down no competition. It has micro tubing technology and it lengthens thickens and stay put all day. No flaking, no clumping, I recommend it to everyone.

- Blush - Currently my favorite is actually Mary Kay's (not everything has changed since 2013!). They have a decent shade selection and all the colors apply really well without being to dark. I usually reach for the shade "Shy Blush". However I tried a new one yesterday, and it just may be a new go-to in my next "what I love" update ;)

- Contouring - The current front runners are the Tyra Beauty Sculpt and Light in a Stick products (left). These products are what made Tyra Banks (the CEO of the company) want to create a cosmetics line. She wanted something easy to use so even beginners could look amazing! I love them. However the new Lorac Contour Palette is hitting ULTA stores on the 28th and I am excited to see if it passes my current favorite up! 

- Lipstick - I am newly in love with Temptu lipsticks (right). I believe they are online only. I have struggled to find a lipstick that is "kissable". To me that mean you can kiss your honey and your lipstick wont end up on his face but will stay put. The only thing I have found close to that dries my lips out so bad! But then Temptu! I bought one to bring up my order total high enough to get free shipping with low expectations. I bought 5 more the day after it arrived. It's incredible. It doesn't dry me out, it stays all day, it isn't sticky, it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all! I highly recommend it!

- Setting Spray and Powder - Another Mary Kay favorite is the translucent setting powder (right)! I have tried many others that I like as much as Mary Kay's but they all cost $25+, compared to this one at only $16. It's kind of a hidden gem in my opinion! As far as a setting spray I am hooked on Tyra Beauty's Stick With Me Spritz (left). The only other one I like this much is $42 per bottle, and this one is only $26.

- Makeup Remover - Currently It's Mary Kays. I have been stuck on their since 2012! One day I went into a high end makeup store and decided to test out removers. I put 8 lines of my favorite eyeliner on my arm and wanted to see what remover would get rid of it best. The only one that did a good job at all was Bliss's Makeup Melt Down which I would say is very comparable to Mary Kay's, however Bliss's product costs $28 and Mary Kay's is $15. I am all about a bargain.

Well there you have it. Those are my current Go-To's. Did I miss something? Tell me in the comments section!

Here are links to find every single one of these item online!

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance Glitter Glue

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