Thursday, February 27, 2014

5 Cosmetology Musts!

These are 5 things that no matter who you are, your hair type, skin type, your lifestyle or your job you must do!  These things are essential not just to cosmetic beauty but to the health of your skin and hair. Trust me if you don't follow these rules you will regret it in 30 years.

1- Prevent Aging
I know that girls who are 16 think it's ridiculous the spend money on anti-aging serums, but when you have crows feet at 25 you wont think it's so ridiculous! I suggest buying Mary Kay's Time Wise Night Solution. It has a lot of awesome anti aging benefits and a little goes a long way. I suggest you use it every night before bed.

2- Protect Your Skin from the Sun
Facial Sunscreen is another MUST! Everyone should were facial sunscreen every single day! Clouds, rain and snow all reflect light. UVA and UVB rays cause about %80 of the damage attributed to aging skin. Protect your skin! This isn't just about preventing wrinkles. Protecting your face from the sun also prevents skin cancer. I suggest you apply Mary Kay's Day Solution Sunscreen every single morning.

3- Protect your Hair from Heat!  I can't say it or stress it enough, you have to protect your hair from heat! Seriously! Here is a link to my beauty blog post all about heat protectants and how to find which ones will work best for you and your specific hair type.

4- Apply Translucent Powder
Translucent Powder looks great over foundation and other makeup. It will help set your makeup, blend it, make it look great on camera, but it will also protect your skin from pollution in the air. Although Foundation does do this also, translucent powder does not set into your skin the way most foundation does. So not only does it look fabulous, there is a practical reason for it too! And if you don't use foundation, translucent powder is a great alternative! I prefer Mary Kay's once again!

5- Don't Over Wash Your Hair
Every other day is almost to often when it comes to washing your hair. If you are washing it every day stop. If you feel like it gets to oily you should try The Ultimate Hair Cleanse. Buts seriously, stop over washing your hair. You will be sorry in 30 years when it is dry and straw like from all of this abuse!

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