Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What are Eyelash Extensions?

I have been doing eyelash extensions for almost one year now and I love Love LOVE doing them! I find them relaxing to apply and I love my clients who come back to me for them! But before you get eyelash extensions there are a few things you need to know first!

1- The Maintenance
You get your eyelash extensions the first time and everything is great! But your eyelashes naturally fall out, and with them so does your extensions. You must come in to get them refilled every 4-6 weeks.

2- The Timing
It takes about 3 hours to get eyelash extensions initially, but after you get them once when you come to get them filled it takes anywhere form 1-2 hours depending on how often you come in. If you come in once every 4 weeks it'll only take about 1 hour.

3- The Process
When getting eyelash extensions you lay down either in a large chair or on a massage table, depending on whom you go to. Your bottom eyelids must be separated from the top ones. To do this your stylist will either use medical tape to tape the bottom eyelid down, or a collagen gel eye patch. I prefer to use the eye patches but for some of my clients they wont stay or their eyes are to wide for them, so I have to use the medical tape. Your eyelashes are then cleaned with a strong primer to ensure that the eyelashes stay put once applied.

Once you are all prepped, the stylist uses two pairs of tweezers to pluck through your eyelashes and isolate one single lash. She uses the other pair of tweezers to pluck an extension from a tray, dip it into the eyelash adhesive, and attach it to your eyelash. She repeats this process over and over again until each and every one of your natural eyelashes has an extension applied to it.

After all of eyelash extensions are applied she will use a sealant and ask  you to pause while everything dries. Then you will opened your eyes. It is common that some of your eyelashes have stuck to the patch or the tape that is separating your top and bottom lids. If you feel a pull let your stylist know and she will pluck apart the different stuck lashes. when you are done give your self a moment to adjust to the lighting and feeling and then look in a mirror to make sure everything is to your liking.

4- The Discomfort
Eyelash Extensions are fun and trendy, and they allow you not to have to use mascara or top eyeliner. In fact you can't use them. But during the procedure the fumes from the eyelash glue, primer, and sealant can all prove to be irritating and uncomfortable for the client. Those are all of coarse very temporary discomforts.
For someone who has never had eyelash extensions before your eyelashes will feel heavy and prickly for 3-9 days after getting them. This is just something that takes a little time to get used to.

5- The Cost
Professionals doing eyelash extensions can be found to do a full set for anywhere between $500-$100. Generally the fills cost half of the price of the full set. At Renaissance Academie (where I do eyelash extensions in Provo, Utah) it costs $50 for a full set and $25 for a fill.

6- The Different Kinds
Eyelash extensions come in three different types of curls. J Curls (which are the most natural looking), C Curls (which are the middle ground curl) and D Curls (which have a dramatic and full curl effect). They also come in different lengths. I usually try to keep my clients looking natural, but it is up to you. If you want big, long, dramatic, diva eyelashes, that is what I will give you. But just because you've seen a few gals with those diva eye lashes, doesn't mean you can't get some that are more natural and subtle looking.

To make an appointment with me to do eyelash extensions call me at (801)960-7914


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