Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lip Makeup

When doing lip makeup for clients I always have a few goals.

  • I don't want to make there lipstick look flat and one dimensional
  • I want to be sure I keep the lipstick on my clients lips (not their teeth or nose)
  • I want the lips to look full
  • I want the lips to have a lot of shape (show off the cupids bow)

1- Putting dimension in the lips!
I love a bold fun lipstick! Hot pink and fire truck red! But I do NOT love having a flat and boring color on my lips! This is done with an amazing lipstick that I use on most of my clients and myself! Mary Kay Copper Star Lipstick (left) and Mary Kay Sheer Blush Lipstick (right)! Both of these lipsticks are in our Metals line. They add shine and dimension to your color as well as helping condition your lips. The Copperstar I use more often, it adds warmth to your color, while the the Sheer Blush adds cool tones. ($15)

2- Make that Lipstick Stay Put! 
This is my go-to for making ALL lipstick stay right where I want it to! I use Mary Kay Translucent Powder. If you are applying it on only the lips, use a small bristled eye makeup brush to apply. Dip the tip of the brush in the powder, then tap it on the side of the tin to remove excess powder. Then slowly cover your lips with the powder. You will probably have to re-dip and apply about 4 times. Or if you are applying this to your whole face (recommended) apply with a full sized blush brush the same way. Just close your eyes first and apply on all areas of the face.

3- Keep Lips Looking Full!
To keep your lips looking full and plump, you should use a lip plumper! My favorite is 
Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper in Clear! HERE is a link to get some off Amazon! You can also buy it in various colors. I personally use it in clear, in a light layer, then I wait about 3 minutes to let the plumper soak in and then I apply my lipstick. If you'd like to use it as a lip gloss I do not recommend using lipstick with it. I personally don't use lip gloss, I think you have dimension in your lipstick you don't need it, and it doesn't read well on camera. But it can be really great for helping you have full and plump lips without a collagen injection! 

4- Giving the Lips Shape! 
I want the lips to have a nice, even and full shape, and to show off the cupids bow! So I use highlighting and contouring around the mouth to do this. But I think that Gregg Brockington (Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist) demonstrates how to do this very well using a facial highlighting pen in the video below. He demonstrates three techniques, the first two for eyes and the third for the lips! Know that you can mimic this using the highlighting pen or by using a liquid foundation that is 3-4 shades lighter than what you are using now and an angled eye makeup brush.

***Thanks to Jasmine for sending in this question***

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tips and Tricks!

This post is kind of a culmination of a few different questions I have had!

1- What is the best mascara and eyeliner to use? 

 Revlond 3D Photo Ready Mascara $8
Mary Kay Lash Love Lash Lengthening Mascara $15 

NYX Eye Liner Pencils $2.50

Mary Kay Translucent Powder $16
I use this translucent powder on a small makeup brush. Apply a light layer on top of your eyeliner and eye shadow to make it last all day long! 

2- How can I make my eye lashes long and strong or grow my eyebrows out thicker and fuller naturally?
Take a cutip, put vaseline on the end and apply it to your lash line (on both top and bottom) at the root of the lashes. This will help them grow. Do this twice a day (in the morning and before bed).
You can also put vaseline on your eyebrows to make them grow fuller and thicker and faster! This is perfect for the times someone waxes your eyebrows a little to thin, or some over-tweezing has occurred.
If you don't want to use vaseline I recommend using Mary Kay's Lash and Brow Building Serum. It is better than Lilash, because it doesn't pigment or darken the skin around the lashes. It is lighter and not as sticky or goopy as vasaline, and is only $38! 

3- How can I fill in my eyebrows? What products should I use? 
I never outline my eyebrows using a pencil. Never. The line is to harsh and blunt looking. Use a powder that matches your hair color but one two shades lighter. Make sure it is a matte eye color that you are using and not a shimmery one! There is no need to use an expensive or special brand of eye color. Use an angled makeup brush to apply it. Or if you just have holes in your eyebrows or patchy areas you want to fill in use a pencil. I always use a pencil. BUT make sure it is VERY light! If your eyebrows look gaudy or drag-queenish then your pencil is to dark! I always use Covergirl Perfect Blend eye pencil. I have dark brown hair and I get the 4th lightest shade they have. Picking the perfect eye pencil shade is definitely a trail and error process and take practice! Don't attempt your first eyebrow filling before a big date or on picture day!

4- What application tips do you have for mascara? 
Start by dipping the brush in the bottle, and quickly pulling it out (this helps prevent clumping).
Bring the brush to the base of your eyelash line and work the brush back and forth
as you move upward spin the brush upward
Let the mascara dry before applying another coat (2-3 minutes)
I usually only apply one coat, but once it is done drying I like to take the mascara and just brush a little more onto the ends of the eyelashes (not a full coat, just on the ends) which makes them look longer!

5- How Do I Shape My Eyebrows?
The chart below shows the method that stylists and estheticians use when shaping eyebrows. You from the inner corner of the eye as a staring point. The outer Iris is where the apex of the arch should be, and the eyebrow should extend past the outer corner of the eye. As far as the actual arch it can be as high, low, dramatic, subtle, curved or pointed as you want. That is all about preference.

***Thanks to Tasha, Cowgirl930, Anna C, and Jessica for these questions!***

How can I make my Damaged Hair Healthy Again?

So you have super damaged, dry and brittle hair? Well I am here to tell you what you should do to make you locks luscious again!

1- Use Quality Products!
I talk about this in every hair-related post I swear! But it is so important to use quality and professional product on your hair! We all know that the name brand sauce tastes better than the cheaper great value one right? So why would  you use the cheap brands on your hair? I consider it an investment! HERE is a link to my blog post about what hair products I recommend to you for all hair types, styles and textures!  And PLEASE use a heat protectant!

2- Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment
There are many benefits to getting a deep conditioning treatment. But aside from the relaxing girl time, deep conditioning treatments use strong tee tree oil conditioners to penetrate the strands and condition the hair from root to porous ends. It smooths the hair and provides keratin packed treatment to help your hair stay long and strong and healthy! It also helps control frizz and rebuilds damaged hair! If you go to a Cosmetology School they only cost $5 - $10 and they are well worth it!

 You can also give yourself a deep conditioning treatment at home! Get a shower cap, and wash your hair out with professional shampoo! I suggest TIGI BedHead Reconstruct shampoo. Then use TIGI S Factor Serious Conditioner. Work thoroughly into the ends of the hair and lightly through the scalp. Then throw on the shower cap and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then rinse!

3- Give Your Hair  a Break!
Your hair goes through so much!  Everything from being dyed, curling irons, blow dryers, straighteners, sun exposure, water exposure, it's a lot for one strand to handle! I suggest doing a "hair diet"! This is where you spend a week without using ANY hot tools at all! No blow dryers and no thermals! During this week you should also not wash your hair! The natural oils in your hair are important! If you have super greasy hair wash it once in the middle of the week but that is it! Use dry Shampoo instead!
*For Dry Shampoo I make my own by using baby powder (for blonde hair) and if you have dark hair mix the baby powder with coco powder!

***Thanks to Chelsea and Erin Baker for asking this question***

How can I make my Hair Grow Faster?

This is a pretty common question and I am excited to address it! 

Hair grows at different rates for different people. Hair has a cycle that professionals call the ACT cycle. It has three phases. 
Anagen - The Growth Phase, accounts for %80 of the hair strand's life
Catagen - The Resting Phase, where the hair stays in place %20 of hair strand's life
Telogen - The Falling Phase, Where the strand falls out of the follicle and regrowth begins. 

All your hair strands are at a different stage in these three phases at all times. The key to making your hair grow longer is to elongate the anagen phase! For this I recommend five things!

1- Get a Trim! 

If you are reading this you've probably been trying to grow your hair out for a while. Often people make the mistake of not getting their hair cut. The best way for me to explain why this is a problem is with a little analogy. If you take a 2x4 (2 by 4) plank of wood and try to split it lengthwise with your hands it is super hard to do (for me it's impossible). But once there is a crack or a small split in the wood it is super easy to split it and break it down the middle. Your hair is the same. Once a split end begins it isn't long before it gets worse and splits up the hair shaft and then breaks off. That is why regular "dusting" trims every 6-8 weeks are important. 

2- Get a Scalp Treatment!
Scalp treatments are a great way to relax and unwind, while getting rid of dandruff and stimulating hair growth on your scalp! These are usually about $15-30 a salon! I highly recommend the Nioxin Scalp Treatment which is exclusive to The Salon at Ulta Beauty. It is $28 but not only does it cleanse the scalp, it was created to improve hair growth by %35 (and it does!) as well as to help your hair and scalp stay healthy. However most salons have some sort of scalp treatment that helps to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate hair growth. You can also usually find $10 options at hair schools too. These treatments slough off buildup on the scalp, stimulate the scalp and follicles, as well as providing needed nutrients to the scalp. 

3- Use a Vitamin Supplement! 
There are tons of supplements out there, but some of them are just awful! And the ones that aren't awful tend to be expensive! I suggest getting Hair, Skin and Nails by Kirkland! It is a Kirkland product which is Costco exclusive, so if you or a close friend doesn't have a membership you can still find it online for about the same price! However when you buy online you always run the risk of getting something that is fake or expired. I do not recommend using prenatal vitamins however, due to advice from doctors. You can read more about different supplements here. Other options I like include the ItWorks Global Hair Skin and Nail and the Monat supplements. Those are both direct sales brands that you likely have a friend on Facebook who sells them.

4- Use a Quality Heat Protectant!
If you are using a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron often you are damaging your hair which causes it to break off! Make sure you are using a quality heat protectant! To learn about what protectants I recommend (and don't) click here. 

5- Hang Upside Down
I was super against the idea of hanging upside down to promote hair growth. I have known a lot of people who have said it works, but no official studies had been done. Now there have been, and it does work. You have to be careful though! The suggestion is that you sit upside down (so your head is hanging, or slightly resting on the ground) for about 5 minutes a day. If you have either had something to drink or eat recently, or if you haven't had enough to eat or drink the past 24 hours you may feel dizzy. If you begin to feel dizzy, sit back up. It is suggested that you do this every single or every other day.

The reason this works is because it promotes blood flow to the head and the hair follicles. Just like if you massage your arms by running your fist on the inside of your arm towards your hand it makes your nails grow faster. Both promote blood flow to an area of the body where you want to see the growth.

Follow these four steps and you should have longer healthier locks in no time at all!

***Thanks for asking this question: Anna C, Jessica, and BizzyLizzy!***

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finding the Foundation Best for Your Face

There are so many kinds of foundations out there! There is liquid, creme to powder, mineral powder, and mousse! So with so many different kinds of foundations, what is the best one for you? Below I am going to break down all of the different kinds of foundations, their application, texture, coverage, drawbacks and the best skin type pairings. I will also recommend the best brands for each!

Liquid foundation can be found in matte or luminous formulas. It is almost always found in a bottle or tube and is the most commonly used foundation. Liquid foundations work best for medium to heavy coverage. They are usually applied with a sponge applicator or with the hands. It has a smooth texture and the makeup should set into the skin making it look natural. The drawbacks to using liquid foundation is that if you have scaring or acne you can usually still see the lumps through the Makeup. I recommend liquid foundation for people with dry skin and normal skin. My two favorites are the Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation $13, and the Miracle Worker Philosophy Foundation $40.

 **makeup tip: use a flat buffer makeup brush to apply your liquid foundation, spreading it over the skin (it will be splotchy) and then use your hand or blending sponge to blend it together. Your hands and sponge absorb a lot more makeup than your bush does, and it will save you money**

Mousse Foundation comes in a tube or more often a pump bottle. The makeup is applied with a sponge or the hands. Mousse foundation has a medium weight on your skin but also has a very smooth texture. Mouse foundation often gets more powdery during application. This allows the molecules to sit at the top of your skin and gives a less natural look. Mousse foundation covers up acne and scars better than a regular liquid foundation, but can also dry out the skin. I recommend Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation ($9) for people with oily skin who need extra coverage. Make sure to wash your face every single night after wearing this! Mousse foundations do usually clog pores more than most other foundations.

**Don't use a brush to apply mousse foundation. The texture change will cling to the brush and make for a clumpy and unsuccessful application.**

Creme to Powder
Most people know Creme to Powder foundation as Compact foundation. It comes in a compact and is applied with a textured sponge or brush. Creme to powder foundations provide heavy coverage and is best for people with normal or combination skin. They are great for covering up a lot of scaring or acne, and for covering up freckles. The downside is that they are the thickest foundation, and therefore are the most visible. It's very important that you get a shade that matches your skin perfectly when using it or you may see a line where your makeup ends on your jawline. I love IMAN's Second to None Cream to Powder Clay ($16) and I don't mind Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Compact Makeup ($13) either!

Mineral Powder
Mineral Powder foundation comes in a container with a built in lid that has holes in it. This allows you to sift out a small amount of the powder at once. It is applied with a brush, or some compacts come with a textured fabric plush. Mineral Powder foundation has an airy feeling with light coverage. Mineral foundations are great for giving a smooth and natural finish. It is best for oily skin, and should never be used on those with dry skin. The biggest problem with mineral foundations is that if they are made with to much talc or fillers they will dry your skin out and break you out faster than you can imagine! I recommend the Bare Minerals Original (or Matte for extra coverage) Powder Foundation ($28) or the Pur Minerals pressed Mineral Foundation ($26).

If you are trying to get your makeup to stay all day, or if you want ot control your oily skin use a translucent powder! It blends things together and makes all your makeup stay put! It's light and weightless and worth the investment! Mary Kay's is by far the best and it's only $17!

BB, CC and DD creams have recently made a huge splash! If you'd like to know more about them follow this link!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What are Eyelash Extensions?

I have been doing eyelash extensions for almost one year now and I love Love LOVE doing them! I find them relaxing to apply and I love my clients who come back to me for them! But before you get eyelash extensions there are a few things you need to know first!

1- The Maintenance
You get your eyelash extensions the first time and everything is great! But your eyelashes naturally fall out, and with them so does your extensions. You must come in to get them refilled every 4-6 weeks.

2- The Timing
It takes about 3 hours to get eyelash extensions initially, but after you get them once when you come to get them filled it takes anywhere form 1-2 hours depending on how often you come in. If you come in once every 4 weeks it'll only take about 1 hour.

3- The Process
When getting eyelash extensions you lay down either in a large chair or on a massage table, depending on whom you go to. Your bottom eyelids must be separated from the top ones. To do this your stylist will either use medical tape to tape the bottom eyelid down, or a collagen gel eye patch. I prefer to use the eye patches but for some of my clients they wont stay or their eyes are to wide for them, so I have to use the medical tape. Your eyelashes are then cleaned with a strong primer to ensure that the eyelashes stay put once applied.

Once you are all prepped, the stylist uses two pairs of tweezers to pluck through your eyelashes and isolate one single lash. She uses the other pair of tweezers to pluck an extension from a tray, dip it into the eyelash adhesive, and attach it to your eyelash. She repeats this process over and over again until each and every one of your natural eyelashes has an extension applied to it.

After all of eyelash extensions are applied she will use a sealant and ask  you to pause while everything dries. Then you will opened your eyes. It is common that some of your eyelashes have stuck to the patch or the tape that is separating your top and bottom lids. If you feel a pull let your stylist know and she will pluck apart the different stuck lashes. when you are done give your self a moment to adjust to the lighting and feeling and then look in a mirror to make sure everything is to your liking.

4- The Discomfort
Eyelash Extensions are fun and trendy, and they allow you not to have to use mascara or top eyeliner. In fact you can't use them. But during the procedure the fumes from the eyelash glue, primer, and sealant can all prove to be irritating and uncomfortable for the client. Those are all of coarse very temporary discomforts.
For someone who has never had eyelash extensions before your eyelashes will feel heavy and prickly for 3-9 days after getting them. This is just something that takes a little time to get used to.

5- The Cost
Professionals doing eyelash extensions can be found to do a full set for anywhere between $500-$100. Generally the fills cost half of the price of the full set. At Renaissance Academie (where I do eyelash extensions in Provo, Utah) it costs $50 for a full set and $25 for a fill.

6- The Different Kinds
Eyelash extensions come in three different types of curls. J Curls (which are the most natural looking), C Curls (which are the middle ground curl) and D Curls (which have a dramatic and full curl effect). They also come in different lengths. I usually try to keep my clients looking natural, but it is up to you. If you want big, long, dramatic, diva eyelashes, that is what I will give you. But just because you've seen a few gals with those diva eye lashes, doesn't mean you can't get some that are more natural and subtle looking.

To make an appointment with me to do eyelash extensions call me at (801)960-7914

Why did you join Mary Kay?

When I first heard about Mary Kay I was 17, and you have to be 18 to be a consultant. I was semi-interested in perusing it but I wasn't %100 sold. I kind of left it on the shelf for a while. Then I got married and quit my job to focus on school. I have been employed since I was 12! I hated not working and generating income! It was killing me! Then my friend invited me a MK party. I went and fell in love all over again! Mary Kay offers high end products to people at middle ground pricing (so it's more expensive than the stuff you buy at WalMart but cheaper than a department store).

But I am a skeptical girl and I was worried that I would be standing behind a product that wasn't one hundred percent up to standards. I did a lot of research on what goes into all of those products before I signed up. As a cosmetologist I learn in school all about the different chemicals and treatments that are good and bad for your skin. Mary Kay uses top-notch products with certain patented techniques for maximizing the quality of their products.

So aside from having amazing products and being a way for me to generate income these are the reasons I choose to join Mary Kay.

1- I get to be my own boss. No deadlines, no quotas, no hours per day on the job, unless I say so. This means I get to schedule vacations and take time off when I need to!

2- The friends! I love my team members and associates in the Utah Valley Area! I don't know what I would do without them!

3- The training program shows all Mary Kay consultants and clients that the company really cares about their product and brand integrity. They want all of us to be successful and they show it by giving us top-notch training and education.

4- The prizes and recognition! How many of you have a job that every single week everyone gets together and they clap and cheer for you? How many of you have a job that when you reach a goal on your own time they will give you a FREE car, then pay for the license, registration and %80 of your car insurance? In Mary Kay we get both of those things as well as diamonds, ipads, bags, jewelry, and all kinds of fun luxurious gifts! I love the recognition we receive for all of our hard work!

5- The fail-proof guarantees! In Mary Kay their were all kinds of worries for me! My first was before I became a consultant, that was "What if I buy this and it doesn't work!?" Well MK has a %100 guarantee on all of their products and the consultant doesn't loose their commission or their sales gain from that product. The company refunds the product %100! This way you know that the consultant isn't going to try to trick or cheat you out of a guarantee.

My second worry was "what if I buy all of this inventory to sell, and I can't sell any of it!?" Mary Kay will buy back all of your inventory at %90 of the cost. This made me feel so secure in joining this company! If I fail, then I am out a hundred dollars! Who can say they tried to start a company on their own and was only out $100 by the end of it!?

Those are the top reasons I joined Mary Kay! If you'd like to learn more about the products or the company feel free to call me personally Angela Woodward at (801)960-7914