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My name is Angela Woodward. I am a licensed hair and makeup artist and I absolutely love all things beauty. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in central California, I have loved hair and makeup. I was the kid whose mom was not to happy when she got her daughters 5th grade school pictures to see burgundy lipstick on her ten year old! When I was younger I aspired to be either a hair and makeup artist or Brittney Spears, and I feel I chose well (I mean there can only be one Brittney!). I loved how makeup could transform your face and I like how confident it made me feel to get all dolled up, and I wanted to help other people feel confident too.

While I was in high school I began going to cosmetology school in Provo, Utah because I wanted to do hair styling for weddings and brides. I fell in love with hair cutting and coloring as well as other faucets of the beauty industry. I have worked at over 5 salons in Utah and currently manage a salon in the Salt Lake City area.

I am in the middle of 6 children, with two parents who did their best to raise me even with my rebellious, curious and outspoken heart. When I was in cosmetology school I met the most amazing man ever, and although I had no intentions of ever getting married (and certainly not rushing into it) we got married a mere 5 months later. We are halfway to 5 years right now and still going strong (we married in March of 2013).

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