Monday, April 15, 2019

Favorite Makeup Brushes

I am going to keep my preamble to this post short and sweet, so we can get right into the recommendations. What makes a good brush set to me is that the bristles hold makeup well and don't fall out quickly. I want the bristles to be soft and to stay soft after being washed multiple times. I want the handles to be high quality and comfortable in the hand, and I don't want peeling paint on the handles or for the metal piece that holds the bristles to the brush to come off quickly. I am going to recommend my top two sets to you at different price points. I was going to post three or four, but honestly these are my top two and I rarely buy outside of these brands. They have the best bang for your buck hands down. Hopefully you will love whatever you choose!

I got my first set of crown brushes in cosmetology school after feeling how soft they were when my classmate was doing her own makeup. I have a large selection of them in my kit and the very first set of crown brushes I purchased more than 6 years ago I still use today. They are an awesome budget option. They actually private label their makeup and brushes, so often well known brands actually carry these at a much higher price point. For example Morphe is private label Crown Brushes, you can read more about that here.  But if you are on a budget you really can't beat these. The individuals are awesome, but they also have a huge selection of sets that are insanely affordable. You pick yours up here. 

This brand I discovered through Ipsy and Boxy Charm and I am in love. I also have some brushes from them from 5 years ago, and every single one of their tools I come back to over and over again. They are super silky soft and  durable. Plus I love the light pink and rose gold style of these brushes, that are all synthetic, vegan and cruelty free. You can grab yours here. 

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