Friday, March 15, 2019

REVIEW: Kavella Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Packaging - 4 (very good)
Scent - 2 (not very good)
Moisturizing - 6 (excellent)
Longevity - 4 (very good)
Weightlessness - 5 (excellent)

I am so excited to be reviewing products from this fairly new brand. A little about the brand itself which is based in California. Kavella uses high quality plant based ingredients and avoids irritants like gluten, sulfates and parabens. They also are vegan which means they don't use any animal byproducts. Kavella does not test on animals and makes sure that their ingredients are not tested on animals either, plus a portion of their profits goes to different animal charities. They also use recycled plastics that are create din an eco friendly way. All of that is really awesome in my opinion.

So now to the actual product. I like the packaging a lot. It is sleek and sophisticated, but still distinguished and pretty. I like that is has the eco-friendly vibe without being over the top about it. It is SO hydrating. My hair has never felt this soft and I feel like my split ends are definitely becoming less frequent. A little goes a fairly long way but the formula is super runny, so it is hard to only put a little in your hand. This stuff its weightless I would highly recommend it for fine to normal hair types. It is so hydrating.

The only major downside I have found is the smell. I expected a kind of essential oil or earthy vibe. It has a musk to it, which I usually like. But then it has a kind of fruity undertone which is so unpleasant with the musk. It is barely a fragrance at all in the shampoo, but it stronger in the conditioner, which was kind of thick and balm like. It wasn't my favorite, but not a deal breaker. It wasn't awful.

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*i do not make commissions or kickbacks off of purchases made through this post, and I do not have any kind of endorsement deal with this company.


  1. I discovered this line of hair care with their purple shampoo and I so appreciate the information on the moisturizing shampoo as I think their products are up there in price and a lot to spend if you are unhappy with them. That said, the purple shampoo is like nothing I have EVER used in that it does not dry the hair at all, tones down the high/low lights that go brassy on my (only until they are grown out and gone forever) but what it does to the gray coming in is absolutely beautiful and I get a ton of compliments on the gray hair every time I use their purple shampoo AND the ingredients are amazing, nothing that is even remotely cancer causing, endocrine interrupting etc. LOVE KAVELLA and I wish they got more press than they do.

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