Friday, March 8, 2019

REVIEW: Focallure Beauty Eyeshadow Tropical Vacation Palette

Packaging - 4 (very good)
Pigmentation - 3 (average)
Brush - 2 (not very good)
Fall Out - 3 (average)
Texture - 5 (excellent)
Value - 2 (not very good)

 I was simply not impressed by this palette for so many reasons. Let's just dive into it. The packaging looks and feels cheap. It has a really fun and pretty pattern o the front, but the cardboard is flimsy. You can even see in the picture how the paper covering the cardboard is cheap so it wrinkles and bubbles which creates and a messy look.

These shadows are not well pigmented. I have to layer on and pack on a lot of product to get a good look. There is so much fallout too. But I feel like ever after I prime my lids, pack it all on and set it with powder and spray, it is still gone in 3 hours.  The shadows are creamy and smooth though, which I appreciate and makes blending far easier.

The brush is also not great. The bristles came out super easily and the packing end is to diffused to pack, which the other end is to diffused to do a great job blending either. Both ends needed more bristles to do their job well. This rings in at $33, which is a more affordable choice, but is only $10 away from other palettes like Lorac Pro, Anastasia Beverly Hills and others with a far higher quality. Other brands of this quality charge far less for their products.

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