Friday, March 29, 2019

3 Makeup Brands I think are Overrated

MAC Cosmetics
This classic cosmetic giant is so overrated to me, and I rarely purchase anything from them.  The first reason is because when I look into their ingredients they use a lot of cheap fillers that are not good for your skin. For example almost all of their liquid foundation have dimethicone high on their ingredients list, which is a cheap silicone that is pore clogging. And talc is typically within the first three ingredients of any of their powders. But you are paying high dollar for these products, and typically because of the brand name. Now don't get me wrong, I like the MAC paint pots as a primer for shadow and I am not against trying new things they come out with. But their legendary lipsticks are so lack luster to me, and I am not on board with all their hype. I think most of their classic staples are overpriced for what they are, and they do not perform to my standards for print work or bridal. On top of that they are not cruelty free, and that does matter to me.

I am super over Morphe, like all the way over them. Their foundations and powders have a lot of highly comedogenic ingredients that are so bad for your skin. They are well branded and they have paid big bucks for influencer partnerships and shout outs, but the items they make are so lack luster. First of all they private label their items through Crown Brush. That means that Crown Brush makes the items and then slaps Morphe's name on them and sells them as their own. BUT that also means that all the items Morphe sells are available under other names, one of them being Crown Brush. It also begs the question of how involved the influencers they collaborate with really are? Are these palettes Crown Brush has created already that they are slapping an influencers name on? Or do they actually specially curate a collection for the influencer? Either way the items are available cheaper and identical under other names. Take for example the Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette ringing in at $38 from morphe which you can see here, while the Crown Brush 35 Color OMG eyeshadow Collection is identicle at only $15, and you can see that one here. Below I posted a video from Stephanie Nicole about Morphe and Crown Brush specifically but she also goes into the specifics of private labeling.

I also don't like supporting brands that employ shady business practices. There was a scandal with them lying about their Jaclyn Hill palette collaboration and suing another well known brand over packaging designs which Morphe came out with over a year after Becca had. You can learn more about that conflict here. Overall, I just feel like if I want their products I can spend half the amount on Crown Brushes and not support that shady company.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star has a long history of controversy with his brand. From being rude and hateful to fans, as well as racist remarks. I have used his liquid lipsticks and I did like them, but didn't love them. I also raised my eyebrow when he launched his lipstick line which you can see more about here. But what I really don't love is the hateful way he presents himself. He says he is just being "real" but if he is really that big of a hateful and hypocritical jerk? I want no part in it.

He has been a part of so many scandals I can't count, but one of the biggest was his argument with former bestie and beauty guru Kat Von D. You can read up on that here. In a nut shell, Kat Von D called him out for having stolen her friend's art work and using it as a logo for his brand without having paid him. Not cool. He was also involved last year in a lawsuit with a small indie brand for using their logo to promote a collaboration with another infulencer, Manny MUA. You can read on that here. Pretty much any major youtube influence has something unkind to say about Jeffree and his defense is that they are all jealous bitches who are making up lies to shade him. But how many influencers would really lie like that about the same person? And Star is not shy about putting others down or destroying another's career if they cross him. Not cool. This is far to Regina George for me.

He is incredibly hypocritical, ruthless and unapologetic, which I hate. When did we as a society decide that is was attractive to be unapologetic anyways? It's important to recognize your mistake and to apologize for them. We all make them. I recall him doing a live video wen Kylie Jenner released her line of glosses showing him throwing away the gloss after opening it and finding a faulty applicator.  He tweeted for ages about how she is rich enough to not let this kind of stuff happen and was taking advantage of people. Jeffree is major when it comes to flaunting his wealth, and even lives in the same hood as the Kardashian and Jenner crews in Calabasas. So if she is "rich enough" so is he. And he had a line of skin frost highlighters go out that all arrived broken. Of course he sent out new ones, and Kylie sent out new applicators too, but there is no mercy for Kylie or other brands that make mistakes, even after Star has made similar ones himself.

I just can't support people who build careers on taking others down in such a negative and disgusting way. I hope we can all strive to be better and lift one another up. The world has to much hate, be different. Be better.

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