Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years

I have been posting less this last week because I have been focused on my family and my health (the flu came to visit us for the holidays), but I wanted to share something super cool with you guys this new years. After we finished opening gifts and eating breakfast together Christmas morning, my mother in law brought out a kit she had purchased to hand stamp jewelry.

The company she purchased from was called My Intent, and no they didn't sponsor this post or anything, this was the first time I had heard about them too. The kit included a small hammer, a wheel for stamping the jewelry, and every letter of the alphabet on stamping pillars. She had also purchased several bracelets and necklaces with rings that were attached with different kinds of chains and cords to create jewelry, all of them were blank. My mother in law challenged each of us to think of a word we wanted to define our next year. A word to build our 2019 around. After we chose our word we picked out our colors and jewelry style and then we stamped that word ourselves into the metal ring.

It sounds kind of cliche, I'll admit that. I thought it was cute, but I do like goal setting and creating visions and intentions for my time. So I was happy to play along. I have been wanting this next year to look like something else for a long time. I have taken a lot of smaller classes and pre-courses and seminars about how to build my business, how to get motivated, how to be a better hairstylist or blogger or wife or friend. I have never taken the leap though, I have never truly taken the plunge. I tend to do things half way. I will take the free pre-course, but no pay for the full experience. I will do the challenged that are convenient for me, but not the ones outside of my comfort zone. I can't seem to commit, so I don't reap the rewards of my efforts because I don't put the efforts in. This year will be different.

As I hand stamped that word into yhe necklace myself, one letter by one, I felt something. I felt the power and energy of that word fill me. There was something about stamping my intention into that wheel of metal that made it feel more real. More mine.

The word I chose this Christmas to define and drive my 2019 is thrive. I want to thrive. What is thriving anyways? I am a relatively happy person. Even when things in my life aren't as I'd hoped (financial struggles, family drama, etc.) I am usually pretty good at counting my blessings and being grateful for what I have. I am happy in the day to day. I have a sign on my mantel that says "love the motions" which to me means when you say you are "going through the motions" you need to learn to love those motions, love the day to day. Love your existence. And I think I do. I am not perfect, but I do stay positive fairly well.

But thriving isn't merely loving your existence. It is more than that. Thriving isn't making it by, and learning to be at peace when a payment is made late. Thriving is about taking control of your destiny and going where you want to. It's about having freedom of time, freedom of finances and freedom of anxiety. I am going to thrive by the end of 2019, but it won't happen by chance. I can't get there by sitting back in my comfort zone doing all the things I have been doing for ages.

So what does this look like for me?

It looks like making real promises to myself that I commit to and follow through with. When I say I am going to update my site weekly, I will.

It looks like going to bed on time so my body is healthier and my mind is more alert.

It looks like drinking those annoying smoothies in the morning that I don't actually hate, and they make me feel so good, but they take so long to make and I'd rather sleep in an extra five minutes than making them.

It means saying no to that impulse buy I want SO BAD because it's a killer sale and I know I'll use that hairspray in the future, and saving that money to invest in real educational opportunities that will help me grow. I've taken all the free classes. I need to invest in me.

It means committing my time to my blog and to my social media so that when I am sick or struggling mentally, I am ahead of my game ad don't have to worry about not posting, because it's automatically done.

It means committing to, working on and investing in me, for me.

I recently read the book "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis (an incredible read if you didn't already know) and in it she said that we are the first people we break a promise to. But if you can't trust yourself, then who can you trust? I recently have had some personal growth that I honestly never thought I would have. It has given me the courage to believe that I CAN make promises to myself and keep them. I can fight for my goals. And I'm going to.

So this year I am going to tackle my business in a big way, and I hope that you are all along for the ride. I am going to be upping my game in the salon with new education and by adding services to my menu and expanding my talents. I am going to up my business by not neglecting social media and dedicating time every week to it. I am going to up my income by really believing in Rarity Nails, a product I love and now sell, and truly give it a fighting chance. I am so excited to be a part of all of these goals and I hope you are all making your own too!

So what does thrive mean to you? And how are you going to thrive in 2019?

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