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What is the best Shampoo and Condtiioner for my hair type?

I get this question CONSTANTLY. So I decided to write up a simple updated guide on what shampoos and conditioners are best for various hair types. This should be a relatively simple and straightforward guide. I have not been paid to link you to any of these products. These are my honest recommendations. If you click the name of each product you can learn more about it.


You need a shampoo that is light, but not stripping. You don't want dry or frizzy hair after all. So I recommend the Living Proof PHD shampoo and conditioner (pictured to the left). It is free of wax, sulfates, parabens and toxins, and smells like heaven! I also love the Big Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner as well as the Biolage R.A.W. Uplift. If you have oily scalp issues coupled with your fine hair, try the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line. None of these choices will weigh your hair down or


You really do have your pick here. But if you want your hair to stay hydrated I love the Living Proof No Frizz line, which is still light weight, butAmika Normcore and the Joico Moisture Recovery (pictured to the right) line. None of these are super light weight (which may result in frizz) and none of them are very heavy either. I personally use the Living Proof No Frizz right now. All of these choices are listed because they don't weight down your hair. They allow for volume and texture to come out, but they don't cause fizz. They are the perfect balance of not to heavy but not to light. They also hydrate which is so important.


If your hair is coarse chances are it's either super dry or super frizzy. I love the Smooth Sexy Hair for this kind of hair. It smells amazing, it's infused with coconut oil and it simply works. I also love the Joico Smooth Cure and the Redken Frizz Dismiss lines for this hair type. All of these are free of sulfates and have a weight to them that helps to seal your cuticle and control frizz while trapping in hydration. Last one! I also love the Matrix Biolage 3Butter shampoo and conditioner.


The best option when you have colored hair, is to choose a shampoo that protects color, but also focuses on other things (like the Framesi Color Lover Line (pictured on the right). For example the Living Proof PHD shampoo and I recommended for fine hair is also color safe. So is the Smooth Sexy Hair I recommended for coarse and frizzy hair. But if you have normal dry hair, I like the Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock line. These products are infused with rose and almond oil, and they smell divine! But they are also free of sulfates and are very hydrating. I also like the Redken Color Extend Magnetics line (but do not care for their standard color extend line in the red bottle). However the color extend magnetics is a little heavier, and may be best if you have slightly thicker hair.


When your hair is friend it need protein and love! My favorite choice is the Joico KPak shampoo and conditioner, which also comes in a color safe option. It is full of keratin (which is the protein found in your hair) and it simply works. The KPak is best for normal to coarse hair types, but if your hair is fine then you need something lighter weight. Try the Redken Extreme (pictured on the left) or the Amika The Kure shampoo and conditioner.


If you need a toning shampoo and conditioner there are so many options. Some of my die-hard favorites are the Framesi Color Lover Dynamic Blonde Purple Shampoo, or the Joico Color Endure Violet shampoo. I also really like the Blonde Sexy Hair and the Amika Bust Your Brass options. They are all great for toning unwanted warmth out of your blondes. But purple shampoos can be drying, so I also recommend my new favorite toning product, the Kenra Brightening Treatment (pictured on the right)
which is an intense toning and deep conditioning masque. It smells like coconut and leaves your hair feeling silky, soft and brighter. What more could you want?


If you hair is fine or normal and you are trying to bring curl out in it, you really just need something weightless. Try the Living Proof PHD shampoo, and don't try to cowash. You should really focus on styling aid like the Not Your Mother's Weightless Foam Styling Mousse to bring your wave out, as opposed to shampoo and conditioner. Now if your hair has it's own fully formed curls it's time to turn to DevaCurl. This line is nourishing to the max! It tames frizz while allowing curls to fully form and for hair to heal. This line is a game changer. If you have normally curly hair try their classic No-Poo Original and One Conditioner Original. If your hair is super kinky and coarse try their No-Poo Decadence and their One Conditioner Decadence (pictured on the left). Trust me, you won't regret it. I know they have a line called the Delight line, that is for wavy hair to bring out curl, but it's still to heavy for your average wavy haired gal in my opinion.

I hope this guide is helpful and I hope you find your perfect shampoo and conditioner match soon! Let me know what your favorite shampoo and conditioner is below!

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