Saturday, November 10, 2018

REVIEW: Rarity Nail Polish Wraps

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Ease of Use - 5 (excellent)
Longevity - 4 (very good)
Removal - 5 (excellent)
Variety - 5 (excellent)
Value - 5 (excellent)
Nail Health - 5 (excellent)

Nail wraps are all the rage right now, and honestly - I'm so on board! Nail wraps are so much easier and more convenient to use, they are faster than classic polish and several nail wraps come from direct sales companies, which means you are supporting a friend or family member when you buy them. It's a win all around. I have been a long time fan of Color Street, so when I heard a new 100% polish, non-toxic nail wrap direct sales company was starting up, I had to try them! This post will specifically talk about Rarity Nails, not compare them to Color Street, Jamberry or anything else. BUT if you'd like to see my review for Color Street it's right here. You can click here to see the review for Jamberry.

The packaging for Rarity Nails is SUPER cute!  It is a solid black packaging with the logo and information written in gold. The envelope it comes in has a clear window so you can see the strips inside and it comes with an alcohol prep pad, orange wood stick (to push back your cuticles) and a mini nail file. Of the sets I have tried this is hands down the best "add ons" kit I have ever seen. Others don't come with the cuticle pusher, and the nail file is really nice and sturdy. I can actually use it.

I love applying nail polish wraps you guys. It is SO EASY! I just use a little alcohol wipe, push back my cuticles and apply. It's so simple. There is no dry time and if you have to stop mid application to chase down your kid or use the restroom, you are not worrying about smudging your nails. I didn't give this area five stars because you do have to trim down some of the polish strips to make them fit your nails properly. But I do like the shape of the nail beds of these better than other brands I have tried. I also like how sticky the backs are. They adhere better. That plays into our next category which is longevity. Because they adhere better I feel like they do not chip as quickly. But these aren't gel polish or anything crazy. They last 1-2 weeks.

I love the removal process of these nail wrap. Some wraps are 100% nail polish and you take them off with acetone or polish remover. Others are more like stickers and you have to soak the and peel them off. The Rarity nails are real polish and you can remove them with polish remover and a cotton ball. This keeps your nails super healthy. No pulling, chipping or soaking is required. You also don't need to file or buff your nail beds to adhere them, so your nails stay super healthy. These are also free of toxins often found in polish so they keep you healthy too!

Last I have to talk about variety and value. The variety is awesome for a brand new company. Most launch with around 10-25 options. Rarity nails has been in business for 6 months and already has over 70 options. Awesome! Because they are newer their website lacks finesse, but they are actively working on it. In the last month I have seen their platform switch to be easier to navigate and they are slowly getting better pictures. This is THE BEST value for a direct sales nail wrap out there! It is the same price as many Wal-Mart brands, which I LOVE. It's half the price of some of their competitors and I am super on board with it!

If you are interested in learning more about Rarity Nails I'm going to link a page so that you can purchase them here. You should go onto Facebook and see if you have someone you know that is selling first to support your friends and family, but if no one is I'd love if you support me as well by purchasing through this link. You can pick up the nails pictured above (called 5th avenue) by clicking here.


  1. Are Rarity Strips made in The USA

    1. I used them for the first time over the holidays.They did not fit my nail bed sides of my nail are showing.After three days the tips of my nails started to show.I will not get more than 7 days of wear out of them.Needless to day very disappointed.

    2. To LoveForSB I did find that the strips are manufactured in Korea, but the company is based out of texas.

      for Unknown user, I am sorry you are disappointed. I have nothing but love for these strips! I find it odd that they did not fit as these strips have so many different size options, far more than other brands I have tried. And if something is to large you can cut the strip down (just like other brands), but if it is to small a little gentle stretching should get you the fit you want, where other brands don't stretch well.

  2. I purchased several packages of this brand and I find that they incredibly sticky, but not in a good way. They never seem to dry all the way and they ding easily. Great price point, but they are not anywhere close to the quality of Color Street. I'd be willing to pay a bit more for better quality. They just seem too rubbery & sticky.

    1. I truly appreciate your feedback. Everyone has their own experiences. I am a licensed cosmetologist and Rarity is a little thicker and sturdier to me than Color Street which chipped like classic polish after only a few days anytime I wore it without a gel topcoat. But we all have different experiences, which is why I love having a comment section!

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  4. I purchased several packages of Rarity nails and unfortunately they are nonrefundable. These strips are VERY thick, do not fit the sides of my nails, do not stretch, do not file easy, and my finished nails looked so fake I peeled them off - even after a top coat! It was disappointing after using Color Street, but you get what you pay for!

    1. Everyone has a different opinion, and that is OKAY. But I had a very different experience. I think both companies have a very "fake" finish, but I feel Rarity Nails are more flexible than Color Street, and way stretchier. I stretch at least 2 every full mani I do. But we don't all think the same. I am glad we have multiple options to suit everyone's needs

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