Friday, November 30, 2018

REVIEW: Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

Packaging - 3 (average) 
Scent - 4 (very good) 
Process - 5 (excellent) 
Effectiveness - 2 (not very good) 
Value - 3 (average)

I was so hyped to try Function of Beauty. It is a personalized shampoo and conditioner, and the only reviews I have found are from people who have been paid or sent free product to promote them. I wanted to try them for myself. Unbiased, unpaid, real. I am going to walk through the whole process and results for you. 

So you start by going onto the website, creating a profile and making your own formula. I like the process itself. It was easy to do, took maybe ten minutes and they asked all the relevant questions. Allergies, sensitivities, hair goals, hair type, etc. They also let you pick your product color (which can be different for your shampoo than your conditioner) and if its pearlized or matte. You also get to choose your fragrance between 4 options (peach, pineapple, floral and eucalyptus) as well as three exclusive scents for those who are yearly subscribers (bubblegum, cedar wood and ocean options) and then there is also a fragrance free choice. You also get to choose on a scale of 1-3 how strong you want the fragrance. So I would have given the fragrance a 3, because I chose peach on the most subtle choice. I like a little fragrance, but not to much. It was SO STRONG. I kept thinking "what would this have been like if I had chosen medium or strong?" BUT the options and the fact that the peach did smell very fresh was worth the extra point to me. 

So then they sent me my shampoo and conditioner. I chose a shampoo and conditioner that were supposed to hydrate and heal my hair, while allowing for volume and movement. The actual packaging was not my favorite. I got both the small travel sizes and the full sizes. The travel sized were in these funky silicone plastic bottles that were super easy to squeeze, but the lids came off a lot, and they weren't easy to put back on. And the product clung to the soft silicone sides. The larger sizes were a clear plastic, they weren't particular easy to squeeze, they were very sturdy. BUT the lids are SO TINY, so you can not store this upside down at all, and this stuff is THICK. So it doesn't come out easily. You have to wait forever for a little to drip on your hands. The lids is metal, it's slippery and has no grip, and it is also made of a material that can rust (not wise for shower products). 

For the actual effectiveness my hair was dry and brittle and my split ends were out of control by the end of 3 weeks of continuous use. I was not a fan at all. There ARE shampoos and conditioners out there that are light weight and hydrating at the same time. So this is possible. With that being said I can adjust the products next shipment until I get it right, but I feel like it's to expensive for that. If you pick up a high ends shampoo and conditioner at Ulta or your local salon you can probably return it if it isn't the right fit, with Function of Beauty you are out of luck until next month. And this stuff is SO expensive. They have a "free returns" policy, but when I forgot to cancel my autoship for the next month they told me that I would have to cancel for the next month and get this one because of the customized nature of the product, and that I would not be able to cancel for this month. So I'm not sure what the "free returns" thing they advertise means. 

The cost is not bad though comparatively. An 8 ounce shampoo and 8 ounce conditioner rings in at $36, and the 16 ounce ones are $49. I do like that they have options for A large conditioner and small shampoo set (since many of us use more of one than the other). But these range from $2.25-$1.53 per ounce. Living Proof (my favorite brand) ranges from $3.25-$2.45. Redken ranges from $1.73-$.93. I would say Function of Beauty isn't quite Living Proof quality or convenience, but it is more on par with Redken. The price is a little to high end for what I got. However what I got is not everyone's experience. I am sure some people nail their formula first try and love it. This is just my experience.  

Let me know if you've tried it and what you think!


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