Friday, October 19, 2018

REVIEW: TIGI Sugar Shock Volume Spray

Packaging - 4 (very good)
Scent - 4 (very good)
Volume - 3 (average)
Ease of Use - 3 (average)
Longevity - 4 (very good)

In order to use this product you need to spray it onto the root of your hair and then blow dry. You can either part your hair and blow dry it in the opposite direction of where it naturally lays (and then put it back) or you can lean over and allow your hair to hang upside down and dry it that way. This will give you a good amount of volume that lasts for a while. It does come from TIGI's Candy Fixations line and it is sugar based. It smells really sweet, and I prefer something a little less strong which is why it only got a 4 in the scent department. The nozzle that the sugar shock comes out of is great. It is tiny and easy to point and aim. It gives you just the right amount. This is great because it helps control product usage so a little goes a really long way. This product is great for giving volume when drying your hair or to use instead of hairspray when teasing your hair. When used for teasing this product is amazing for anyone with any hair type. But if you would just like volume it really only works for those with fine and/or thin hair. 

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