Tuesday, October 16, 2018

REVIEW: Fatboy Tough Guy Water Wax

So this water wax has been hard for me to rate. I will tell you why. I feel like an average water wax has a few hallmarks. They are high shine, low to medium hold, and they help keep hair looking really smooth and sleek and polished. They usually come in a small tub and are translucent. This water wax is different. It's fundamentally not what a typical water wax is. So I am going to go through the differences, and then if this product holds up to its claims.

It is in a small tub container, like most. This one is great. It's sturdy, you get a lot of product and it has a simple and sleek look. The wax itself is clear as is typical of water waxes. It has a great smell that is not super feminine, but not masculine either. The scent is super neutral and is really light.

The wax is advertised as a matte wax, which is odd. Water waxes are typically high shine products. The Tough Guy Water Wax from Fatboy is not matte as advertised. it definitely has shine, but I would say low shine. So if you like Water Waxes but don't like all the shine you get from them, this may be a better alternative. As far as the actual hold, it has that light to medium hold you can expect from a water wax.

I typically use water waxes when styling women's hair. I use it before pinning updos and I run it through after curling the hair to smooth down fly aways. I feel that this is a little heavier than your typical water wax. For example the Redken Water Wax is high shine, so to much of it can make the hair appear greasy. but I can use a lot of it and the hair won't fall. If I curl a head of hair, it will stay looking curled. But this one is denser. If I use to much it will have a nice amount of shine, but the hair will be weighed down and curls will begin to loosen.

So that is my overall break down of this product. I think this would be ideal for someone with dry, porous or coarse hair. People with frizzy kinky texture would also benefit from this a lot. But it's definitely not for everyone.

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  1. It's not at all advertised as a matte wax..


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