Sunday, September 30, 2018

REVIEW: Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

Functionality - 5 (excellent)
Variety - 5 (excellent)

I was introduced to these clips a while ago, and you guys, I am obsessed. These are so cute, convenient and fun to use. Lilla Rose is a direct Sales brand and they sell hair accessories. I reviewed the AMAZING bobby pins a while back, and you can read that review here. The flexi clips are the brands signature item and best seller though. These clips come in a ton of cute designs ad colors, and they are made with beads strung onto piano wire. This makes them super strong, but also very gentle o the hair. They are super versatile and can create a ton of great looks. They also come out with new designs every season, and they are so easy to use!

The one pictured above is called "Simple Band" in the shade Nickle. I am going to post some super cute picture of various hairstyles you can do with these. Some of these are pictures I took of myself, or my coworkers wearing these. P.S. you guys I have SUPER cute coworkers! But I also pulled some other people's photos from online, and I will credit those people for their pictures, as well as post which bands they are wearing in each one. And you can shop Lilla Rose Flexi Clips Here. I don't make any commission, kickbacks or money from sales made thorugh this link. If you hop onto your Facebook or twitter ask your friends if they sell, and see if you ca support someone local. Otherwise this is my distributor's link.

In a Low Pony! I love this because it makes the hair look look fuller, and it doesn't slip throughout the day. It looks a little dressier than a classic ponytail and the flexi clips are gentle on your hair, where a classic elastic for pony tails is not at all! These are modeled by my cute friend Krysta and she is sporting the Flexi Clip called Carmine

 This is a Low Pony with a twist :) Picture credit from this gal is sporting the style Etched Cross.  

Krysta again, showing off how you can use these to secure braids. This style is called Black Band

Mariah is showing off a classic 90's look that is making a comeback with the Carmine Flexi Clip. 

Securing a messy french twist for a fun but casual look with these. This style has been discontinued I think, but is similar to Tiger Lilly and Antonia. The picture is courtesy of

This is a  horrible selfie I took of myself, coupled with a cute picture of Krysta again, showing off the Delta Flexi Clip and how cute it looks pinning just a small amount of hair back out of the face. 

This is by and large my favorite way to wear these. This is the Carmine clip again, but I have a half up/half down look with a cute bun. Love this! 

 And here Krysta Sports the Delta Clip in a half up half down look as well. 

And this one shows off a cute girl with her hair in a messy french twist showing off a clip similar to Hues of Blue. Photo from Living Above the Noise

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