Sunday, September 9, 2018

First Impressions of Flower Beauty and a Natural eveyr day Makeup tutorial

 I don't typically post videos of myself here, but I have had A LOT of demand for some tutorial videos. I am not a youtuber. I do not have fancy lights or time to heavily edit my videos. Also please note - there is a HUGE difference between a professional makeup artist, and a professional social media artist. What is that? A social media artist typically does 95% their own makeup. They know their face and skin, and they beat it more often than not in a way that is super flashy and dynamic on camera. I am not one of those. I spend max 20 minutes on my makeup every day, if even that. I spend 45-60 minutes on my clients though, and I understand facial structures and all skin types. So unlike NikkieTutorials I am going to be super basic with my application. This is me people.

Please also remember this is a Facebook Live, so I do shout out to those watching and answer questions for those who watched it live. If you want in on the fun next time I will be posting more Facebook Lives in the future I think, many that I will not be posting here.
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PLEASE TAKE MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT - they are first impressions. Don't run out to buy anything until I have posted a full review (at least not of the Flower Beauty Products)

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