Wednesday, August 22, 2018

REVIEW: Gerda Spillman Bio-Blends Eye Pencil

 Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Shade Range - 4 (very good)
Application - 2 (not very good)
Wear - 1 (bad)

Earlier this week I reviewed a new-to-me skin care item from a new-to-me brand Gerda Spillmann. That was the Prestige Cell and you can read my review for it here. I was blown away by it and was so excited to try some more products from this company. Unfortunately I was not so impressed by classic eyeliner pencils.

I love the packaging, it's actually some of my favorite for liner. This is because it is a classic twist up, and has the smudger on either side, which we have all seen before right? But these caps! Is it crazy that I am obsessed with the caps? They just fit on really tight and well without cracking or coming right off. I love them. The shade range is pretty nice. They have the classics black, grey, and brown. They also have a plum and a navy shade, as well as gold, copper and green.

But now for the not so good stuff. The pencil just wasn't pigmented. I got the Dark Chocolate shade and I found that I had to put on several layers in order to get the color to show up. After wearing it, it just didn't last. It was gone within two hours. There wasn't any smudging or smearing, I didn't get racoon eyes, but it was gone. I was so bummed out by this, because their other products are so high quality, but I guess no brand can have every single item be a hero. I am working on the review for their foundation right now. Stay tuned because that should post soon, and I know you'll want to read about it.

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