Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Axe Cutting, Coloring with Nutella and other Viral Hair Videos

You guys, I hate viral hair videos. They are THE WORST. Why? Because they are all super fake, but people often don't realize it, and while whomever came up with the video is getting likes and shares, I am dealing with the spread of misinformation. Like this one right here:

This video includes a stylist who claims he uses Nutella to dye and tone hair. BUT in a "making of video" he admits that there is toner in those nutella jars, not a hazelnut spread. Regardless, Nutella can't tone hair. At best it might add to the warmth of the hair and darken it, resulting in a very warm yellow and light brown shade. It would last all of one or two washes (not weeks) and would also leave you hair feeling heavy and coated. Unfortunately I am the one who has to deal with this misinformation (as well as other pros).

I have literally had clients bring in their own Nutella and ask me to use it. NO! Just no. I don't care what Youtube says. I am a professional, and I say no.

Now for the next one. Axe Hair-cutting.

Luckily most people don't ask me to do this. But let me explain. Danil Estomin is a show stylist. What does this mean? He has come up with a cool unconventional way of cutting hair that doesn't produce good work, but looks cool. If you ever go to hair show there are TONS of these. Not necessarily cutting hair with axes, but just show stylists. Many at least START their presentation with some sort of showy display. I recall once going to a hair show where the presenter told us what haircut he would be doing, and then did a major showboating crazy cutting "technique" where he essentially flung the hair around and cut at random. He messed it up, hard. As he stopped showboating and began actually cutting the hair you could see it on his face that he had messed it up. He ended up doing a totally different haircut. He never acknowledged this, he never said why he changed it up, he just did a different haircut on his model. You'll notice that in this axe cutting video none of the clips show the finished product on the back of the hair. That's because it's horrible.

How about this gem? 

you guys there isn't even a chain on that chainsaw. It's 100% fake. 

Last but not least, this horrible, yet popular, viral technique.

 Another explanation is needed. You see that thick white stuff on the guy's hair? It's a combination of animal fat and other ingredients to protect the hair from the fire. The stylist is combing it to move it around and stoke the flames that would otherwise burn out quickly. Using fire to remove split ends will leave the new ends of your hair burnt. It will leave it weak and the hair will re-split super soon. It is a better idea  to just take some scissors, find your split ends and cut them off. Why do I even have to explain that burning your hair with fire is not good for it? I am not sure. But now you know.

Stop with the viral hair videos you guys. They are mostly lies and are designed only to get likes, shares and Instagram followers. They are not made to educate.


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