Sunday, July 8, 2018

REVIEW: 100% Pure Montana Emu Oil

Packaging - 4 (very good)
Hydration - 6 (incredible)
Pore Care - 5 (excellent)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)

 This is my new favorite thing in my beauty regimen. I can not say enough good things about Emu Oil.The packaging of this Emu oil is a 4. It isn't high end looking, in fact I think it looks like a cheap bargain item. Regardless it comes in a sturdy glass packaging (I dropped it MULTIPLE times) and has a functional dropper lid that I love.

This stuff HYDRATES. My skin has never felt so soft or been less flaky. On top of that I expected it to clog my pores and make me break out (which is what coconut oil does). But no, it didn't. In fact I have less acne when I use it, than when I don't. My skin looks and feels fantastic. And a little goes a super long way. It WILL break down your makeup though. So I only use it at night, and a little after the shower. But after a shower I wait a full hour before applying makeup, otherwise it really will break it all down.

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