Friday, June 1, 2018

What Makes this Blog Different?

I recently added a new tab to this website and decided I should make it a post too. "why this blog is different" is an explanation to new comers about what sets my blog apart form other beauty gurus and bloggers across the internet. Hopefully you agree with my assessment. Feel free to tell me if you'd like to see something different.

I am a licensed cosmetologist. I actually started this blog way back when I began cosmetology school. And I am not making that up either. There are all kinds of shady "hairstylists" out there on tv and YouTube, but when you want to get an appointment? It's a 6 month+ wait and haircuts start at $300. Yeah right! You can click here or go to to see my prices, pictures of hair and makeup I have done, where my salon is at, my hours there and more. You can even set up an appointment with me! I work at a locally owned, affordable, family salon in Spanish Fork, Utah. A wash, cut and style starts at $26, and I usually have an opening within 2 weeks.

Because of my education I truly know and understand hair. I know how it works, it's chemical makeup and how it reacts to things. I understand your scalp, skin and follicles on that same level. I also have understanding and knowledge of ingredients and what matters in skin and hair care. I share all of these things with you in a lot of my posts.

Ingredients MATTER to me. You will see throughout my blog that while I do tend to favor professional high quality products, I do not love them all. And I also do support a lot of affordable and accessible brands. But it's all about the ingredients. I read every single label, and anything I don't know what is, I google it. A lot of high end brands have sold to and started putting really poor quality ingredients in their products and I do my best to educate on that and review it accordingly.

 I do not have a staff of 50 people I pay to churn out articles. I publish 3-5 posts a week, and I write them all myself. I put a lot of time and care into each image and word I write, but I am not infallible. I am sure you'll notice grammar and spelling errors every now and again. Forgive me!

 That's right! This is not a major source of income for me, and I did this for YEARS before I got views from more than a few friends and family members. But I love beauty products, I love information, I love research and I love to share what I love! This is a passion of mine. At the salon I am widely known as "the product girl" and the other stylists consistently refer their clients to me for styling and product consultations to help them find the right things for them. I love this. This is what I do. I just want to share that with others.

 No ads, anywhere. I don't have ads on this website. There are some click through links, but you will not find banner ads anywhere to be found. Why? Because I hate them. You do too. I don't need them. This is a passion not an income for me. I don't make money off of spamming you guys because I hate it too.

Sometimes I do get paid for posts or given free products to review. But I am totally transparent about this process. People will reach out to me (usually through my contact form on the right hand side of the page) and ask me to review their items. I generally oblige by picking out items I think my readers will like or respond to. I then give an honest review of the product. If I don't like it, it will get a bad review. People can pay me $50 to ensure that if I don't like a product I do not post any review instead of posting a bad one, but I will NEVER post a good review for something I do not like.

I also do not posts other people's reviews and I do not post reviews for things I have not tried yet.

The only other option is sometimes people would like me to post a link to their website to purchase items I am reviewing. I have them pay me a fee to do so. However  that fee varies because I actually have a base rate, and then I total the cost of the item and shipping form their website and add it together and round up. I use a fake name attached to a different email address to order the item to my parents home, so that I can see if the website has the real genuine product and not a knock off. They sign an agreement stating they have authentic product. In the event I do get back a knock off I will get rid of the link and let them know why with no refund (as stated our contract). And since I have tried all of these products personally and reviewed them myself, it's easy for me to spot fakes for the most part.

Let me know if you have any questions or what you'd like to see changed! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day!

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