Thursday, June 14, 2018


Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Length - 3 (average)
Flake Free - 0 (awful)
Volume - 3 (average)
Clump - 2 (not good)

I wanted so badly to love this mascara. I am a fan of Tarte's other mascara so I hoped to be a fan of this too. The packaging is AMAZING. It's sleek, fun, creative, different, but still high end and luxurious looking. The issues all lie in the formulas.

It adds length but not a noteworthy amount. It adds volume, but once again, not a note worthy amount. It clumps for sure. It's not all the time every lash, but at least s out of 3 times I wear it I have some clumping happening, and it's frustrating. But the worst part? The flaking. It flaked all over my face. I basically wasn't wearing mascara by the end of the day (at least not on my lashes). Primers and sealers helped but didn't solve the issue. I do not recommend this product overall. 

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