Thursday, April 26, 2018

REVIEW: Moon Mousse Makeup Repair Kit

I am not going to review this like my other reviews because this is to different. I recently decided to try the Moon Mousse Makeup Repair Kit. This boasts to be something that you can use to repair your broken eye shadows, blushes and powders. They had a semi-viral video that was cute (minus the bratty teenager with awful parents) which you can see below:

Basically the gist of this product is that it's a formula you can put on your broken makeup to help fuse the loos particles together to create a nice, smooth and back-to-normal performing item. But does it work?

For a long time people have said you should do this with alcohol. I do not like using alcohol to repair my makeup. I think the performance of my makeup does change when I use alcohol and I would prefer to sweep the powder into a small plastic container and use it like that then to dilute it so it doesn't perform well anymore. Instead of using alcohol I have used water multiple times. I put water in a dropper and I basically drown my product with it and sit it for a few days and the water evaporates and it's usually fine. However it does tend to be fragile. I can't throw it in a metal palette for my makeup bag anymore. 

So what about Moon Mousse? First of all, when you buy it you can only get it in a kit. The kit is $15 and includes two double ended pressing tools. (a large and small circle, and a larger square and small rectangle) as well as a plastic spatula and the actual moon mousse itself. There is currently no option to get the Moon Mousse without the kit. The mousse smells nice and works easily. All you have to do is break up your product pretty finely, and then put some of the foam on top. Leave it alone for approximately 8 hours and then use the pressing tools to press it down into shape. The mousse takes a while to dry so I usually wait another day before trying to actually use it.

So how was the performance? I thought my makeup was unchanged in quality. I noticed that it was packed pretty well. It had WAY more durability than the water option. The alcohol and water both dry much faster than the Moon Mousse though. However, I personally liked it. I felt like it was good quality makeup and solved a problem. I definitely recommend this product to others out there.

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