Friday, April 6, 2018

Best Drugstore Cosmetics

You will mostly see high end cosmetics on my blog. This is because high end cosmetics often use higher quality ingredients, with a more concentrated pigmentation. I have a hard time venturing into drugstore foundations because I always breakout, so for the sake of a blog post I have one week of skin repair to do. But I do try drug store items sometimes, I really do! And there are some I even like and own multiples of! So in this list I am going to hit you with some of my favorite drug store items!

Covergirl Outlast Illumina Lip Color

This product really took me by surprise. I heard it was a cheaper alternative to Lipsense, but I was definitely skeptical. I picked some up anyways and I now own 8 shades. This product includes a gel-like liquid color that you apply and then a moisturizing balm that you apply as a top coat. The color lasts a very long time, only wearing off with oils (like from food or makeup removers) and the balm is incredibly hydrating and smooth. I actually use the balm all the time on it's own.

You can read my full review of this product here.

Makeup Revolution Blush

Makeup revolution has some dynamite blushes. They are pigmented, silky and long wear. I own two of their blush palettes, a matte single, a baked blush single, a bronzer single and even a blush stick, and I love and use all of them. This brannd has my go-to blush, and for only $5 a shade, you just can't beat it!

You can learn more about it and pick it up here.

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Another Lip Product that simply does what it says. This is a solid hydrating lip balm that isn't shiny. The tinted formula adds a nice pop of color (that is build-able for a bolder look) without making your lips appear greasy or shiny. It's just a good, standard, solid tinted balm that does what it says. There is some transfer, but I still like it. I have yet to find a tinted balm that has no transfer.

Learn more about this product and purchase it here.

NYX Color Correcting Palette 

Once again, this is just a solid product that does what it says it does. It has a decent amount of wear and the shades work. They are pigmented enough to do their jobs but not so pigmented that you have green or yellow splotches on your skin. If you are wanting to test the waters with correcting unwanted red tones, bags, or age spots, this is the perfect place to start.

Learn more about it and get it here.

Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks

These are amazing. They are  fun to use, affordable and they consistently work. I use the Aloe Masks regularly myself because my skin usually resembles the Sahara Desert and these really help (as the Aloe ones are moisturizing).

I have also had good luck with the Charcoal Mask (for pore care) and the Rice Mask (for acne). With over twenty options  you are bound to find the right fit for you! They have multiple options with benefits such as radiance, brightening, purifying, soothing, vitality, clearing and more. And at only $3 a pop, you really can't go wrong.

Click here to learn more about these sheet masks and to pick up a set for yourself! 

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