Saturday, February 3, 2018

REVIEW: Benefit BADgal BANG! Mascara

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Length - 5 (excellent)
Flake Free - 5 (excellent)
Volume - 3 (average)
Clump - 0 (awful)

I was so stoked to try this new mascara from Benefit Cosmetics! This is a spin off of their classic Bad Gal Mascara, called Bad Gal Bang! It touts that it gives mega volume that is flake free for 36 hours!

So here is the breakdown. I did NOT wear this mascara for 36 hours, I take my makeup off at night, so I wasn't willing to test that factor. BUT I did apply it at about 7:30 a.m. and it is still flake free by 9 pm, so that is good enough for me, and definitely impressive. I love the packaging. It's functional and fun. Benefit is known for their quirky packaging and I am not always in love with it, but this one as a fun feel, while still looking high end. And MAN does it add length!

But it wasn't all good. The fatal flaws with this mascara is its clumpiness and volume. It really didn't make my lashes that much thicker, but I had like 9 eyelashes by the time I was done applying this. It didn't seem to matter if I used a little, or if I layered it on. Even when I used a clean disposable mascara wand to pry my lashes apart, it didn't work. The mascara is also very wet, which meant it got all over my lids and under my eyes. But once it is dry my lashes feel like plastic.

UPDATE: You may have noticed that the overall rating is 1 star lower than the average of the scores given to it. This is because after I wrote this post I took off the mascara (yesterday it was at 3.5 stars). I have a LOT of different eye makeup removers and this one was so hard to get off, even using the most potent and heavy duty remover. I even tried the Benefit They're Real remover too. It took SO LONG to get it off. When I remove eye makeup I don't just wipe. I apply the remover to a cotton round and I put it on my closed eye lid and hold it for a bit. Then I very lightly and gently rock it back and forth and then I lightly wipe it away. It's the gentlest method overall. I went through three kinds of remover and 4 cotton rounds per eye, and not only did I NOT get all the mascara off, but I did loose multiple eyelashes. I will not be wearing this mascara again, it's not worth the eyelash loss.

UPDATE 2.0: I did it. I wore it again. It did NOT get better. I tried to kind of let the formula dry a little before application, sometimes when these formulas are brand new and super wet they are different, it didn't help. I was still clump city. And I lost MORE eyelashes tonight.


  1. I really wanted to like this mascara, as I have been using They're Real for some time and wanted something softer and more lengthening without applying 4-5 coats. I'm surprised you state it didn't flake on you. It flaked to the point that it got in my eyes and there were flecks underneath my eyes by end of day. Maybe I rubbed my eyes, but even if I did, it was excessive flaking. I'll stay with They're Real for now.

    1. my personal experience with it did not include flaking either time. Just plastic-like spidery and clumpy results that were nearly impossible to remove. It's interesting how everyone's experiences may be different.

  2. have used Colgate toothpaste, a lot of it, and I rubbed really hard. And it actually made it worse for my headlights. the best waterproof mascara top coats


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