Wednesday, February 28, 2018

REVIEW: Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel

Packaging - 3 (average)
Texture - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 4 (very good)
Wear - 2 (not very good)
Hydration - 3 (average)

This is a super average lip gloss. The packaging is not my favorite only because it looks basic, but still nice. I would have given it a 4, but I hate the applicator. It is the worst kind of doe-foot applicator, the awkward shape makes it hard to get a precision application. Once you have it on it doesn't last long (maybe 20-30 minutes before it's non-existent) As far as hydration I gave it a three because it doesn't dry your lips out, and it does provide very brief hydration while it lasts.

There are some highlights the texture was very cushion-like and soft as opposed to sticky. And I did enjoy the scent which was sweet but extremely mild so it didn't linger at all which is important to me when it's something going directly under my nose. You'd be better off to spend $4 more and grab a Benefit ultra Plush Lip Gloss. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

REVIEW: Style Sexy Hair Frenzy

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 5 (excellent)
Texture - 5 (excellent)
Hold - 4 (very good)
Longevity - 3 (average)

This product reminds me of American Crew Fiber, but it has a creamier texture that makes it suitable for fine hair and easier to apply! It smells great (and masculine) but not overpowering, and it holds very well. As far as longevity I do not feel a little goes a particularly long way, but it's got solid packaging and is a well rounded product. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Recipe: Avocado & Egg Toast

Avocado toast is currently considered the trendiest food among health hipsters and instagrammers. I LOVE avocado! But I have always thought this was a little bit of a funny "healthy breakfast" because avocado is pretty fatty (even though it's healthy fats), and bread isn't necessarily good for you either. So I decided to dress up this trendy food a little. It makes a dynamite breakfast and a great lunch. You can also add some shredded chicken on it for extra protein and it becomes a slam dunk dinner. Recipe makes 4 portions, to serve 4 people (or 2 people can have 2 slices each) The pictures below also have cheese on them, but my husband and I agreed that you couldn't taste the cheese, and that the cheese wasn't needed or missed and were just wasted calories.


1 large avocado
1 Tbs sour cream
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp Mccormick's Salad Supreme Seasoning
4 slices of bread
2 stalks of green onion
1 roma tomato
4 Eggs


  1. cut the avocado into chunks and put it in a food processor. 
  2. add the sour cream, salt, pepper and Mccormick's seasoning into the food processor. Blend until preferred consistency. 
  3. once the spread is done place it in the fridge while you finish preparations. 
  4.  poach your four eggs. If you do not know how to poach an egg read below for instructions, tips and tricks!
  5. Set aside each egg on a plate to rest. (all four can share one large plate, just be sure there isn't a paper towel on it)
  6. Put your bread in the toaster.
  7. While bread toasts slice your roma tomatoes and chop your green onions. 
  8. When your toast is done spread a layer of the avocado spread on it. 
  9. Then top that with a sprinkling of your green onions and then your tomatoes. 
  10. Place your poached egg on top the toast and dig in! 

Nutritional Information represents each piece of toast. If you eat two, you will need to double each value. 

Egg Poaching Tips and Tricks:

To poach an egg you  need to get a small pot and fill it half way to three quarters of the way with water. Put it on the stove on high and let it boil. Crack and egg into a shallow measuring cup. Use a spoon to stir the water in the pot until you get a "vortext" like cone happening. Gently lower the egg at the center of the "vortext" and pour it out into the water. Turn the heat down to medium. You can poach it for about 4 minutes. Then use a slotted spoon to scoop it up and lower it onto the plate.

4 minutes is recommended by a lot of websites, but it will depend on how runny you like your yolk. I learned from watching the TV Show Master Chef that singing Amazing Grace 3 times is perfect! I think that works for the perfect balance of not to firm, not to runny. However you can adjust the time or verses base don your own needs.

Here is a YouTube video that will show you how to do it! The actual tutorial starts about 1 minute and 30 seconds in. Also note that most people recommend you add vinegar into the water, if you watch the full video he will too. I do not like vinegar, and I do not like the flavor it gives the egg, so I omit it. It does not effect the way the egg cooks.

How do you like your avocado toast? If you try my recipe, let me know how you liked it or tweaked it to make it your own! My husband loves to add shredded chicken or bacon under the egg! There are so many ways to make this your own.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

REVIEW: American Crew Forming Cream

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 3 (average)
Longevity - 4 (very good)
Hold - 5 (excellent)
Texture - 5 (excellent)

This is my favorite American Crew Men's Product. I love the packaging first of all, it's clean, simple and masculine. It smells alright, it's not feminine or strong, but it's a little... powdery. However it is a very weak scent so it's not a big deal. A little goes a pretty long way and it holds very well if you have fine-normal hair. It also has a medium shine that gives shine without looking wet or greasy. I also love the texture of the product, it is pliable and very easy to use. This product is great for achieving "standing up" looks such as Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Jimmy Fallon sport. I think if you have thicker hair you should try something a little more heavy duty like Fiber or Grooming Cream.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How Do I Get the Static off my Hairbrush?

This is a super frequent question I get at the salon, so I will answer it here too! It't not uncommon for your hairbrush to create static with your hair. Static electricity can be created by rubbing one object against another object. This is because the rubbing releases negative charges, called electrons, which can build up on one object to produce a static charge. So when you brush your hair not only are there thousands of hair strands rubbing against each other but the bristles are rubbing those strands as well as the paddle of the brush. So the issue of static forming around your hairbrush is not uncommon.

Here are a few things you can do to get rid of static electricity on your hairbrush.

1- Clean Your Hair Brush

The best way to do this is to remove all the hair that may have built up on the paddle of the brush. I like to use the tail of a weave comb (or rat tail comb) to do this, by sliding the tail under the hair and then lifting it up. You can then use your fingers to pick out any left over strands. Then use warm water and shampoo to clean it of debris. You will want to let your brush dry after this.

2- Use a Little Leave-In

Get a good spray on Leave in conditioner a spray it directly on the bristles of the brush. This gives slip to your brush, which eliminates friction during brushing that causes static, and it will help to smooth your flyaways. I highly recommend the Redken Frizz Dismiss  Smooth Force Spray, which is lightweight and smells amazing!

3- Beauty Hack

Dryer sheets have a kind of leave in conditioner on them for clothing. You can use one of these by opening it and just VERY LIGHTLY rubbing it over your hair and brush to help eliminate that static as well.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

REVIEW: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Packaging - 4 (very good)
Longevity - 5 (excellent)
Ease of Use - 5 (excellent)
Wear - 4 (very good)

I am going to be pretty brief in my breakdown of this product. The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is supposed to be incredibly easy to use for filing in your brows. It has a gel-like feel to me, but it is super light and buildable.

The packaging is a little bit of a miss for me. Benefit redid their brow line to have this sort of chrome look, which I dig. But then they threw this circus theme to it, that I am not a fan of. Over all though the circus aspect of this product is understated so I gave it a 4. A little goes a long way, and I really do feel like it's easy to use. If you make a mistake you can blend it away fairly easily. Now does it stay all day? If you use a brow gel, it stays longer. I feel like on it's own it fades after about 5 hours, which isn't bad. With a brow gel it is a full day look. Overall this is dynamite product for natural looks and for beginners.

Friday, February 16, 2018

REVIEW: Fenty Beauty LIpstick

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Shade Range - 5 (excellent)
Longevity - 2 (not very good)
Hydration - 2 (not very good)
Wear - 1 (awful)

I was so bummed out by this lipstick. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has been KILLING IT. From their insanely amazing foundation (you can read about that here) with it's wide and inclusive shade range, to their stay-all-day stunning highlighters, people have been falling for Fenty. I was skeptical of the brand at first, attributing it's success to hype from RiRi fans. But when I did finally dip my toe in, I was hooked. So I was expecting something amazing from this lipstick too which advertises itself as long-wearing, matte, hyper-pigmented, weightless, and never drying.

When I put this on it was a smeary mess. Feathering for days! It was lightweight, the ads got that right. But I had to put on a few layers to get full coverage so I wouldn't call it hyper-pigmented. And the transfer! It was on my clothes, my chin, my sandwich, my tissues. It was EVERYWHERE! I had to reapply it multiple times throughout the day. So yes, airy and matte-ish (I wasn't a bold matte, it was kind of in between matte and satin), but not a good lipstick. You'd be better off with several other high end brands such as Urban Decay or MAC.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

RECIPE: Quinoa Chicken Bowls

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Length - 5 (excellent)
Flake Free - 5 (excellent)
Volume - 3 (average)
Clump - 0 (awful)

I was so stoked to try this new mascara from Benefit Cosmetics! This is a spin off of their classic Bad Gal Mascara, called Bad Gal Bang! It touts that it gives mega volume that is flake free for 36 hours!

So here is the breakdown. I did NOT wear this mascara for 36 hours, I take my makeup off at night, so I wasn't willing to test that factor. BUT I did apply it at about 7:30 a.m. and it is still flake free by 7 pm, so that is good enough for me, and definitely impressive. I love the packaging. It's functional and fun. Benefit is known for their quirky packaging and I am not always in love with it, but this one as a fun feel, while still looking high end. And MAN does it add length!

But it wasn't all good. The fatal flaws with this mascara is its clumpiness and volume. It really didn't make my lashes that much thicker, but I had like 9 eyelashes by the time I was done applying this. It didn't seem to matter if I used a little, or if I layered it on. Even when I used a clean disposable mascara wand to pry my lashes apart, it didn't work. The mascara is also very wet, which meant it got all over my lids and under my eyes. But once it is dry my lashes feel like plastic. So between the messy application and the clumped look, I am going to pass on this one over all. I will continue to use it, and update this is my opinions change after 5 days of we

Monday, February 12, 2018

REVIEW: Kenra Silkening Mist

Packaging - 5 (very good)
Scent - 5 (very good)
Shine - 5 (very good)
Oil Control - 4 (good)
Longevity - 6 (incredible)

I am a little obsessed with this product. It just adds shine, that is all it does, and it is wonderful! Especially after styling my hair with thermal tools, my hair tends to look dry and touch frizzy. This makes it look hydrated and luscious in just seconds! It smells amazing, and a little goes a super long way earning it a 6! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

REVIEW: Monat The Champ Dry Shampoo

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 4 (very good)
Oil Absorption - 4 (very good)
Texture - 6 (incredible)
Longevity - 3 (average)

Monat is a direct sales brand that specializes in luxury hair care. I have gotten my hands on several of their products and I will be reviewing them over the next few weeks. Please note that I do not sell Monat and I do not make any kind of money or commission off of the sale of products purchased through any links on this post.

The packaging of this product, I love. It's sturdy, it's pretty, it looks high end. I love the cap. It's plastic, but it looks like metal and it doesn't scratch easily and it's a heavy duty, sturdy plastic. The product has a crisp yet floral scent. It's not my favorite, but it's not bad. I bumped it up because the scent dissipates after 3 minutes so you don't have to deal with it for long.

So let's get down to actually using this product. It did absorb the oil in my hair, however I did have to use a little more than I would have liked. It rarely caused a white or ashy effect, which was nice. My favorite thing was that even though I had to use a little more, I couldn't feel it in my hair at all. The texture in my hair was soft and natural feeling. I did have to reapply it after about 6 hours though, so it didn't last me all day.

You can learn more and get yours here. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Brand Breakdown: Benefit Cosmetics

The Story: 

Jana and Jane Ford are two twins that were raised on a farm in Indiana. They moved to San Francisco to start a new life for themselves. They had two business ideas - a cosmetics company that delivered high quality product with fun, fresh, youthful and adorable packaging OR a casserole cafe. Thank goodness that coin landed on tails or we wouldn't have Benefit Cosmetics today. Jana and Jane built their company around the idea that "makeup doesn't have to be serious to look good" and firmly believe the idea that "laughter is the best cosmetic".

They began by opening a small cosmetic shop in California called "The Face Place" in 1976. In 1990 the company was renamed Benefit, and the first Benefit Beauty Counter popped up in a New York City department store! They went international in 1997 and in 1999 the company was acquired by Louis Vuitton!

You can read more about the companies story here.

The Brand:

Benefit Cosmetics stands out by having funky and unique packaging and marketing. Most high end companies try to make their packaging look sleek, clean and expensive. Benefit's founders believe that makeup shouldn't be so serious, so they created silly names and quirky packaging to bring a smile to every beauty lover. If you go to Benefit retailers on the days that new products launch, you'll often find employees wearing silly props to promote the new products.

The Products:

Benefit has over 200 products ranging from cosmetics to skin care. The following are my personal opinions of a few of their products.

They're Real Mascara is an award winner and a Benefit staple. This product is accompanied with ad campaigns and product posters featuring women with obviously fake breasts taking lie detector tests and sporting handcuffs in front of a line up wall.  This mascara isn't one of my favorites. To me it makes my lashes clumpy, but I know it's a fan favorite. You can read a more in depth review here. You can purchase it here. I also have to mention the They're Real Push Up Liner which is another innovative product from them. You can ready my review on it here, and buy it here.

Another award winner from Benefit is Air Patrol. This is my die-hard favorite eye shadow primer. This primer protects your eyes from pollution, the sun (it has spf!), it hydrates and conceals as well. It's a BB cream for your eyes, which I love! It also locks on eye shadow. I love multifaceted products like this one. You can read my love letter to Air Patrol here. Then you can buy it here.

The next Benefit product that is a best seller is Hoola. They have a whole Hoola line now which includes the original matte bronzer, Hoola Lite (a lighter version), The Hoola Zero Tanlines, and the Hoola Bodess Cream. I have actually tried all 4 of these. The bronzers are soft and creamy in texture, they are a powder though. They come with a brush that is honestly dreadful. It feels awful and falls apart quickly. But even without the brush they are nice. The packaging for them is a box, so it is a little harder to work with than a compact, because the product is set into the box. The Zero Tanlines is a hero product to me. You can read my full review here. It is so easy to use, it works, and it is the highest rated product on my blog. The Boddess Cream smells amazing and is cute, but I honestly bought it thinking it was the Zero Tan Lines. I do not see the need for expensive lotion. It's nice, but it's nothing special. If you click on the product names above you can purchase them.

They have a few foundations, none of which I am a fan of. The Hello Flawless foundation oxidizes to look different on your face 10 minutes after applying it. I felt the coverage wasn't there and it wasn't long lasting. You can see more here. The Big Easy BB cream is also lack luster in coverage as well as wear. It also has limited shades, however it is very hydrating. You can pick that up here.

Next on the list is Porefessional, which is a bomb primer. It is super soft and cushioned feeling, and it fills in fine lines and wrinkles and gives your face a flawless and smooth appearance. I am in love with it. It's a killer primer for gals with big pores, scaring or pock marks. Pick it up here.

Another one on my list is the Benefit Bene-Tint. This is an original product sold by The Face Place way back when. It was originally developed for an exotic dancer who anted something to tint her nipples to make them look more appealing. This lip and cheek stain is sheer and supposed to be universally flattering. I am not a fan of any of their tints. I feel they don't have great coverage and tend to be streaky and sticky. You can see more about it and pick it up here.

Last but not least Benefit has a brow bar! You can find Benefit Brow bars in stand alone stores, Ulta Beauty locations and some others. They have a whole line of brow products to compliment these brow bars. I personally love the BrowZings, which are a dual powder and tinted gel compact with brow tools (get it here). But the real hero is Benefit's Goof Proof, which is a soft gel like pen that fills in brows with subtle shadow-like color and is so easy to blend and build it is practically goof proof! Pick it up here.

My Take: 
I think that Benefit's packaging is on brand, but it is a little hit and miss for me personally. I am also not a big fan of any of their skin care. Their products come and go frequently which is fun because there is always something new to try, but you never know how long it will stick around, which is a bummer. As far as quality, I think that is really everyone's personal opinion but to me - benefit has a few hero products with a lot of subpar items. Other than the foundation I don't think any of the will hurt your skin, so play away and go to a benefit boutique or an Ulta to play with some of their products today!

The Recap: 

Some people may not love the quirk that these products bring to the table, but overall I think it's safe to say that the Ford sisters have created a legacy. Not every product can be dynamite, but this brand is peppered with hero products. Head over to an Ulta Beauty or a Benefit Boutique to test out some products and get your hands dirty today! Comment below if I failed to list your favorite benefit product, or if you disagree with any of my reviews.

I do not own the rights to any of these images or pictures. all opinions are my own and do not reflect the general public's or everyone's. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

REVIEW: Lilla Rose Bobbies

Style Options: 5 (excellent)
Hold: 6 (incredible) 

I am just as surprised as you are that I am reviewing bobby pins on my blog. I mean they are bobby pins! right? But these are not your average bobby pin. Lilla Rose is a Direct Sales brand that makes hair accessories. As you may know from reading my blog I love to support direct sales and those who have the hustle to work with them and make a living for their families. I also love to support local businesses and small business owners. I will do a little disclaimer that I do not sell Lilla Rose and I will not make any money or get any kickbacks/rewards from people who buy from links on here. 

I tried a few things from Lilla Rose and you will likely hear my opinions on the other items as I use them more and more. However the first thing I tried were the "bobbies". These come in a bunch of cute styles, from classic plain pins, to funky and vintage styles (Harvest Blue or Emerald Joy), simple chic patterns (Arrow or Open Leaves), elegant/bridal styles (Perla or Golden Stoneset) or even cutesy looks (Butterfly and The Garden Collection). They have over 80 different designs on their pins! So you can really find something that you will love, or go with a classic pin. 

These aren't you're average pack of 60 bobbypins that you loose a million of every year. These pins are large, they are strong and they are tight! I have a specific hairstyle I like to do when I wake up late. Because my hair is curly when I wake up often half of it looks really pretty and curly and the other half is flat and yucky. So I take the yucky half and I slick it back and pin it so it's the half of my head with the pretty hair, very Kristen Stewart Red Carpet (pictured on the right). When I do this look I have to usually do 5-8 bobbypins in my hair. I cross them in X shapes and then throw in a few more for good measure. Throughout the day I usually have to take them out and put them all back in, or readjust a few over and over. I wore my hair like this with only TWO of the Bobbies for an 8 hour shift, in the salon, on a Saturday, and I didn't touch my hair once! It was a MIRACLE. 

I thought it was a fluke but I have consistently had to use less pins with these things, and I get a lot of compliments on the fun styles. I am loving them and I have just purchased a bunch more! You can see all of the styles of Bobbies, on the Lilla Rose website right here.

Lilla Rose name and logo is property of Lilla Rose and used under license

Monday, February 5, 2018

REVIEW: TIGI Bed Head Screw It Jelly Curl Oil

Packaging - 3 (average)
Hydration - 4 (very good)
Weight - 2 (not very good)
Curl - 2 (not very good)
Scent - 3 (average)

I was so excited to try this new curl product because as you all probably know by now my hair is slightly curly and DRY. I was ultimately disappointed. Here's why.

The packaging looks and feels cheap to me. I am not a fan of the plastic cone cap, but at least it was stable and din't knock over easily. But the color palette and style of the packaging looks super cheap to me. It was very hydrating which was nice, however when applying it my hands were visibly oily no matter how little I used. It was kind of heavy in my hair and made it looks shiny which I didn't love. It didn't help my hair curl at all, it did tame frizz a little but my curls were actually less curly because it was kind of heavy. The scent was nothing special, it smelled both floral and fruity in a way, but also plastic-like and synthetic. It wasn't bright and crisp, it was very powdery and fake smelling. I was overall not a fan.

Disagree? Comment below and tell me what you did and din't lvoe about this product.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

REVIEW: Benefit BADgal BANG! Mascara

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Length - 5 (excellent)
Flake Free - 5 (excellent)
Volume - 3 (average)
Clump - 0 (awful)

I was so stoked to try this new mascara from Benefit Cosmetics! This is a spin off of their classic Bad Gal Mascara, called Bad Gal Bang! It touts that it gives mega volume that is flake free for 36 hours!

So here is the breakdown. I did NOT wear this mascara for 36 hours, I take my makeup off at night, so I wasn't willing to test that factor. BUT I did apply it at about 7:30 a.m. and it is still flake free by 9 pm, so that is good enough for me, and definitely impressive. I love the packaging. It's functional and fun. Benefit is known for their quirky packaging and I am not always in love with it, but this one as a fun feel, while still looking high end. And MAN does it add length!

But it wasn't all good. The fatal flaws with this mascara is its clumpiness and volume. It really didn't make my lashes that much thicker, but I had like 9 eyelashes by the time I was done applying this. It didn't seem to matter if I used a little, or if I layered it on. Even when I used a clean disposable mascara wand to pry my lashes apart, it didn't work. The mascara is also very wet, which meant it got all over my lids and under my eyes. But once it is dry my lashes feel like plastic.

UPDATE: You may have noticed that the overall rating is 1 star lower than the average of the scores given to it. This is because after I wrote this post I took off the mascara (yesterday it was at 3.5 stars). I have a LOT of different eye makeup removers and this one was so hard to get off, even using the most potent and heavy duty remover. I even tried the Benefit They're Real remover too. It took SO LONG to get it off. When I remove eye makeup I don't just wipe. I apply the remover to a cotton round and I put it on my closed eye lid and hold it for a bit. Then I very lightly and gently rock it back and forth and then I lightly wipe it away. It's the gentlest method overall. I went through three kinds of remover and 4 cotton rounds per eye, and not only did I NOT get all the mascara off, but I did loose multiple eyelashes. I will not be wearing this mascara again, it's not worth the eyelash loss.

UPDATE 2.0: I did it. I wore it again. It did NOT get better. I tried to kind of let the formula dry a little before application, sometimes when these formulas are brand new and super wet they are different, it didn't help. I was still clump city. And I lost MORE eyelashes tonight.

Your Guide to BB, CC, and DD Creams

In this guide I hope to answer some of your basic questions about these creams! What is the difference between BB Creams, CC Creams and DD Creams? What do the BB, CC and DD stand for? What are the nest ones to use. 

BB Creams have the BB which stand for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. They  have light weight coverage, are more hydrating and they usually have skin care serums in them. It's a combination of skin care and foundation that are supposed to be healthier than a traditional foundation. They are supposed to be optimal for those with acne because they are gentler and will not clog your pores or cause more acne, and they are also supposed to treat the skin. They are more of a tinted treatment, than a tinted moisturizer. BB Creams almost always have a facial sunscreen in them and are often used as primers. A few of my favorites are the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer (spf 30), the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (spf 35), and Lancome's Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm (spf 30). While the Lancome is the most expensive of the bunch, it also has .7 ounces more product than the others, which makes it less per ounce than the other two. I am not a fan of the Smashbox BB water however, and do not recommend that one.

CC Creams have the CC which stands for Color Correction. They typically have a medium coverage (some that boarder on full coverage) and try to address issues like redness or sallowness. They usually have very gentle ingredients because they are also skin care, and unlike BB Creams they are supposed to replace your foundation and aren't often found as a primer. They are also usually super hydrating and typically have sunscreen in them as well. I have only tried two that I like. The It Cosmetics is hands down my favorite. It has an spf pf 50, it has anti-aging serum in it, and it is full coverage. It's not super hydrating, but if you use a moisturizer under it it's perfect. The only other one I have tried and like was the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream. It's lightweight, hydrating and has medium coverage.

DD Creams have the DD which stands for Daily Defense or sometimes Dynamic Do-All. DD creams have more coverage and are supposed to be the best of all worlds. They should be non-comedogenic, hydrating and acne fighting as well as a meduim to full coverage. DD creams also have spf protection in most cases. Some might argue that the It Cosmetics CC cream is a DD cream as well, however most DD creams are created by skin care brands that don't have a lot of cosmetics. The Derma Doctor brand is one I haven't personally tried but that I have heard nothing but good things about. I honestly haven't seen to many DD creams, and I feel it's because they are pretty much the same as a CC cream. The DermaDoctor brand has a more meduim coverage. The only other one I have seen is the Julep and I haven't personally liked anything I have tried form Julep and the one person I know who has used it didn't like it. If you want a more sull coverage DD cream I recommend the It Cosmetics CC cream.

Drop your favorite brands and other questions about BB, CC and DD creams in the comments.

Friday, February 2, 2018

REVIEW: American Crew Fiber

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Scent - 4 (very good)
Longevity - 4 (very good)
Hold - 5 (excellent)
Texture - 2 (not very good)

I realized I reviewed the new Fiber cream, but hadn't reviewed the tried and true Fiber product that it is based off of! oops! Each American Crew styling product is labeled with either low, medium or high in 2 categories (shine and hold). Fiber has low shine and high hold. I love the packaging, it is sleek, sophisticated, and masculine. It smells "manly" and a little goes a pretty long way. It also has high hold as promised. My biggest draw back with this product is the texture. It is a heavy wax. It is super easy to get clumps throughout the hair, and isn't the easiest product to work through the hair. Try looking into the Fiber Cream if you want something with high hold and low shine instead.