Wednesday, January 31, 2018

REVIEW: Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Coverage - 4/5 (very good)
Texture - 4/5 (very good)
Shade Range - 1 (bad)
Wear - 4/5 (excellent)

This is my second review of this foundation. I posted a First Impressions HERE. Now that I have used it a few more times I have some more information on this foundation, there are two formulas, which is why there are two different scores in a few spots. Let me break it all down again. The packaging is awesome. It's cute, it's sturdy (in glass) and it looks expensive to me. The coverage got two scores because the matte is full coverage while the hydrating one is more medium coverage that you can build to be a slightly fuller coverage, but it's not as full on as matte.

I like the texture of this foundation. The hydrating looks more skin like, however the matte is more caked looking. I am not a fan of the caked look myself, but some do. The wear is great. It lasts me all day long when I prime and set it , on it's own it does very well compared to others. I think the Matte lasts longer overall on it's own, but it definitely dries my skin out, and gets patchy. The hydrating doesn't get patchy because it doesn't dry me out, and where there is some wear on it, it is a little more seamless. All in all I like this foundation, but there is one glaring drawback.

The shade range. Let's chat about it. This foundation comes in only 2 darker shades, and both are not the more common ones and are SUPER arm. I think this industry is moving towards being more inclusive and catering to ALL people. I can't imagine having a foundation or something like this come out and being so stoked and then not being able to get it because it's not in my shade. This is something that people of color deal with all the time and it has to end. Fenty Beauty was applauded and sold out due to their inclusive shade range, and Rihanna's insistence that every store carry every shade. Kylie Cosmetics also made sure their new concealers were inclusive. SO for a major brand to miss the mark like this is disappointing. They did respond and basically say that they wanted to release it as soon as possible but that they are already working on an expansion of shades to launch this year. I am SURE this was in the works before they released, I mean who puts out foundation in only 10 shades? BUT I feel that the slight is still frustrating and if you aren't ready to launch, you aren't ready to launch. I hate that women of color were getting the short end of the stick here. But brownie points for an apology (which most brands don't even bother to give)

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