Monday, September 25, 2017

1920's Inspired Art

I had the pleasure of working with a talented group of photographers, models and artists in Utah to create some stunning photos! I wanted to share these with all of you!

Location - Bellington Manor, Utah
Wardrobe - The Deco Haus, California
Brunette Model - Alexis Ramos @alexxisramos
Blonde Model - Ali Zwemke @ali.zwemke
Hair and Makeup - Angela Woodward @AngelaWoodwardC
Photographers Credited Throughout

This first set is taken by the amazing Tawny Horton @tawnyhorton. She is an insanely talented individual, and a great person. This shoot was 20's inspired, as The amazing Deco Haus provides vintage and 20's inspired wardrobe, but we wanted it to be up to date. A modern woman going to a 20's party. We had an incredible time. I enjoyed this first set by Tawny that was dark, dramatic and stunning.

The next set is by another photographer that I love! You will find Val Judy's @valjudyphotography works all over my website and portfolio. On top of being a complete professional, he always captures stunning moments that allow you to feel the emotions and movements of the moment. This set features the lovely Alexis Ramos who is a seasoned pro and can rock any look from clean faced to avant garde.

The next set is from another photographer I am obsessed with here in Utah. The incredible Steve Berlin is a total sweetheart and has an incredible eye for photography. He can make even the newest models look like they have been posing for ages. He was the first photographer I ever did a portfolio building shoot with in Salt Lake City, and he delivered that first shoot, just like he did with this one. This set features the talented Ali Zwemke who is talented on top of being a bubbly sweetheart and a joy to be around!

These last photos are from multiple photographers. I will credit each beneath the photo. Andrew Nicholson is the genius behind RodSprinkles Photography @rodsprinklesphoto, and he is talented and incredibly fun to work with. The last in Mike Christopher @ginger_snaps_25 who I didn't get a chance to network with and this was our first time working on the same set together. But I loved his work and I am hopeful we will work together more in the future. 

GingerSnaps Photography
GingerSnaps Photography

RodSprinkles Photography

RodSprinkles Photography

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