Monday, July 31, 2017

REVIEW: Nars The Multiple Cheek, Eye and Lip Color

Packaging - 5 (excellent)
Texture - 5 (excellent)
Pigment - 3 (average)
Wear - 2 (not very good)
Longevity - 3 (average)


So today we are reviewing the Nars The Multiple. This product is supposed to be a whipped, easily blended, eye, cheek and lip color that add a shimmery, glowy, dewy look to anyone's face.

So First we have the packaging, and I love Nars packaging. It looks and feel luxurious and expensive, and I love that. It is also a very practical applicator and is sturdy so it has my stamp of approval. I also ADORE the texture of this product. I love whipped mousse-like blushes. They are so light and airy and blendable. When you swipe this on your cheek the heat from your skin melts it and makes it that much easier to blend. I don't even need a beauty blender, it is that easy!

So I tried this is two shades, the famous Orgasm (which is pictured and is a light warm pink with a golden shimmer) and 413 BLKR (which is a deeper berry shade). I chose these two because I wanted to be able to see the pigment and shine from two different shades. I did not feel like these were well pigmented. Even with the darker shade I had to layer twice, Orgasm I had to do 3-4 times before you could see it. Layering it over other blushes did just add a tiny bit of warmth or dimension, but it's not a good stand alone product. It also doesn't stay on long, which is why it got a 2 out of 5 for Wear. I have to reapply this at least twice per day. That leads us to Longevity, which landed on a 3. This is because you have to use A LOT of layers which means it is gone faster. This would normally warrant a 2, but I felt like each layer needed very little product and blended super well, so I bumped it up to a 3.

Overall I do not recommend this product. I feel for $39, you should save $9 and pick up a classic blush or a liquid blush in these same shades and just use very little or dilute with moisturizer if you want a softer finish or to add depth to another blush.


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