Monday, June 26, 2017

Essential Oils and Beauty

Essential oils are EVERYWHERE. Between DoTerra, Young Living, It Works, and other direct sales brands that promote essential oils, the information about what essential oils can do has become abundant. I actually LOVE essential oils. The first time I used them I was at girls camp at age 14, and I tripped while walking to the restroom and scraped up my knee and leg really badly (I was wearing shorts, which were against camp rules for this exact reason). One of the camp leaders said that the best thing to use to help it heal quickly was lavender oil. I wan't so sure, but she cleaned me up with some warm water and then doused the area with the oil anyways. The next day the mess had healed almost completely! It took three days for the deep cuts and scrapes to become small scars which are completely gone now years later. Ever since then I have been super interested in essential oils and what they can do for your skin and their beauty purposes. Here is a list of some of my favorite oils, and what to use them for! (you can click on each oil's name to purchase it).

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is my absolute favorite oil ever! It is a natural antiseptic (which means it reduces the chance of infections). It also helps cell growth which heals wounds faster and reduces the appearance of the subsequent scars. I just talked about using this for cuts and scrapes, but you can also use this on your face! I am a picker. I know I shouldn't but when I feel a zit coming on I poke, prod, squeeze and pick at it until it bursts! And what's worse? I often pick the scab that forms after! However if after picking or popping a zit I put a little lavender oil on a cotton swab and then on the newly popped pimple it heals super fast and I don't get scars if I am diligent about it.

On top of this you can use it to help relieve sunburns, burns of any kind, bug bites, bee stings, chapped lips, cold sores, and I also LOVE to use it to help me sleep! Lavender has a lot of calming properties, and by putting a few drop in your hands and rubbing them together, then cupping them over your nose and deeply inhaling a few times, it can help you to relax instantly and help you to get some beauty sleep if you are feeling restless.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a hot ingredient right now in skin care and hair care. It is also has antimicrobial properties but unlike Lavender it is also drying. It is great to put on your acne with a cotton swab to help it disappear without popping or picking, A little rubbed onto your scalp can help you defeat dandruff, and spraying it on your feet will help fight fungus too!

Geranium Oil

This oil has what we call astringent properties. This means that it causes tightening and firming and can help prevent as well as get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Just be careful using it around your eyes. While it helps to tighten and firm it is very moisturizing as well. I have also heard using it on your abs to help you get more tonal definition works, but I honestly wouldn't know (I don't have abs haha). Because Geranium is an astringent it can also help to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. It is also a natural insect repellent and can be used as a natural deodorant too.

Patchouli Oil

Patchouli Oils can also be used to firm and tighten skin while also helping to control oils (as opposed to geranium that hydrates while firming). Another common use for Patchouli Oil is doing a cupped hand method or using an oil diffuser to inhale the oil and relieve anxiety as well as stress. Patchouli is also said to be an aphrodisiac as well as to be one of the best natural deodorants around.

A lot of people associate patchouli with hippies and potheads. Not to long ago Giuliana Rancic went under major fire for saying that the stunning Zendaya looked like she smelled of patchouli oil when she sported dreadlocks on the red carpet. I wanted to address why patchouli is often associated with dreadlocks. Patchouli is a natural antiseptic and insect repellent, and it is really great at relieving psoriasis and dandruff. Since dreadlocks often pull the scalp and expose it to the elements patchouli is great at protecting the scalp. Dreadlocks are best for those with super coarse textured hair, like that typically found on people with African or Latin roots. African and Latin people are also more susceptible to psoriasis and dandruff, so patchouli is a great option for them (as well as others fighting these issues).  Patchouli does have a very earthy smell that a lot of people like to use to cover up the scent of marijuana as well, which is why it gets labeled as a hippie's fragrance. But patchouli has a lot of awesome practical applications for all kinds of people.

This is one of the most popular oils around! Ylang Ylang was originally used to treat thinning hair and alopecia. It is widely considered to help grow hair faster, stronger and thicker when massaged into the follicles. It works best as a hot oil treatment. Mix about 6 drops of ylang ylang oil into 5 tablespoons of Olive Oil and heat it up in the microwave for 10 seconds. After shampooing your hair apply the warm oil onto your scalp and massage it in. I recommend putting a clear cap or towel around your head to trap in the heat and get the benefits of the oil and treatment, leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it out and condition as normal.

Chamomile Oil

This oil is great for treating cracked dry skin, like you might see on someone with eczema. It's also awesome for people who have a lot of redness or inflammation. A few drops of this in a small travel size spray bottle of water can help reduce the look of redness on your face in just a few minutes.

Chamomile is widely known for it's calming properties and is often associate with the popular chamomile tea. consuming small amounts of chamomile can help to sooth and relax the body while also helping to support a healthy immune system. Chamomile not only soothes the mind (with relaxing properties that mimic lavender and frankincense) but it can also help to calm irritability and diffuse anger. I can't honestly say why it does this differently or more effectively than the others mentioned, but in the research I have done most sites say that chamomile is superior for those with anger problems.

Citronella Oil as well as tangerine, limelemon grasslemon, orange and other citrus oils and blends have one very powerful and important effect. They can make you happy! Multiple studies have been done where citrus oil blends have been diffused into offices and hospitals and the results are always that the workers and patients are happier. Citronella is NOT a citrus fruit but like lemon grass has a citrus scent. 

You may or may not have notices that most of my links take you to Aroma Foundry for your essential oils. This is because I LOVE Aroma Foundry! I am a customer and a fan of theirs. Why do I choose Aroma Foundry? First things first, I have had zero quality issue with their products. You can read the ingredients on the labels, and all of their oils are 100% pure oils with no fillers. They are also super transparent and proud of their sourcing. This company sources all of their oils to the countries from which they originate. So for example their citronella oil is from Vietnam. Another huge factor for me is price! You guys they are so affordable! I love it! Check out Aroma Foundry Here!

A few of the other places I like to get my essential oils includes my It Works rep, and Bulk Apothocary, however I usually go with Aroma Foundry when I can. I am hoping they expand their line to include some the oils I have to go elsewhere to get.


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