Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to Protect Your Hair this Summer

Summer is coming! Woo hoo! I for one am excited to enjoy the warmth that this season brings, plus my birthday is in the summer! You can't beat that! However as much as we all enjoy the pools, the beach, the camping and the sun, these things can do a number on our hair! So I am writing a little guide to teach you how to keep your hair in it's best shape this summer by combating each of these problems! 

The sun has harsh UVA and UVB rays that are powerful enough to literally start fires. For us a more common result of the sun's powerful beams are sunburns. Knowing what we do about the toll the sun can have on our skin, what do you think it does to our hair? Well, it's not great! It cooks it, just like it does everything else. The extream heat can cause blonde hair to yellow, it can cause it to dry out and feel brittle, and it can also cause your beautiful color to fade! Yikes! So how do we beat the sun? 

One option is to opt to wear a wide brimmed hat. There is nothing wrong with this choice at all! However if you want your locks to go free then I recommend using a Sun Protection Spray in your hair, like the Alterna Bamboo Sunshine Spray which is pictured on the right (can be found in stores at Ulta and Sephora for $22). You have heard me talk about heat protection sprays a lot, but a sun spray is different. You need something to protect against UVA and UVB rays specifically. A couple other options are the Bumble and Bumble invisible oil heat/UV protective primer (can be found in store at Sephora for $28) and the Phyto Protective Sun Veil (can be found in store at Ulta for $30). Spray a sun protectant on your hair after it is styled before hiking, while camping, when going to the game, or any other outdoor activity.

For those of you who live in the pool you have to protect your hair against all the harsh chemicals and chlorine that is inside the water! So first, how do these things effect your hair? Your hair is porous, which means it absorbs liquids. When you get in the pool your hair not only absorbs the water in the pool but also the chemicals that are in it! When your hair absorbs the chemicals it can cause color fading, extremely dry hair and even breakage!

The best way to conquer chemicals in your swimming pool is to fill the hair with water and conditioners first! So before you get into the pool get your hair super wet, I mean let it absorb water fully. In my opinion your best two options are to either put your head in the shower and let it absorb water there, or to go to the pool and use their showers really quickly to just fill your hair. Then I like to get a budget conditioner and just massage it into the hair strands. There is no need to use a super expensive brand, because you are just trying to create a filler for your hair. While I wouldn't recommend it for daily use the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Conditioner (can be found in several stores including Ulta and Walmart for $10.99) is my personal go-to for this. But I also don't mind the OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Conditioner (can be found in several store including Ulta and Walmart for around $8.99). The point of this is to fill the porous strand with water and conditioner so that when you get in the water your hair strands don't have room to absorb any of the chemically water. Then after your pool adventure go home and take a shower right away! Wash your hair well and put on a conditioning treatment or mask if you have one.

This only says "Lakes" because "Lake, Ponds, Rivers and Oceans" was to long. The problems you have with a natural body of water are similar to a pool, basically your hair is absorbing all of the yucky stuff in the water. With pools you are soaking up chemicals but with natural bodies of water you are getting salt (which is extremely drying) or you are getting pond scum and algae, and often you are getting human and aquatic life waste and other undesirable things. A lot of these things can coat the hair, make your scalp greasy, and can damage it.

First of all if you are going to the ocean, wear a hair protectant (the first tip) there are few trees to protect you and you will want it. Second, I would say do tip #2, but instead of using a conditioner use and oil, like Olive Oil or Coconut oil. Pictured I have the Better Body Foods Coconut Oil, which is easy to find at Walmart or Target. Make sure you use a raw organic oil. These repel water better giving an extra layer of protection. You should also put your hair up. Braid it, put it in a bun, or throw it in a clip. Once again, shower as soon as you get home or to the hotel. You want to make sure you wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of all the oil!

When you go hiking, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity a huge hazard you face is BUGS! I have three layers of recommended protection. First you NEED SPF protection! Do not skimp! And do not forget your face! I LOVE the COTZ facial sunscreen products. They are basically protective moisturizers, they have one for sensitive skin, a tinted option, a pediatric version as well as primer choice. I love COTZ because the name stands for Contains Only Titanium and Zinc, which are natural minerals that protect from SPF. This means it doesn't have all the chemicals most sun screens do, and it also doesn't have that weird smell! Check out COTZ products here! 

COTZ gives you facial SPF protection, and of course we have gone over SPF protection for your hair (see Tip#1), and for your body, just read the labels and don't skimp! I personally use Banana Boat, but you do you. Then to combat the bugs, I have a special secret. Citronella. Citronella is an oil that is derived from the leaves and stems of certain kinds of lemon grass. Citronella is a natural insect repellent and can help to relieve itchiness from bug bites! So I recommend getting a small spray bottle (I men travel sized small) filling it halfway with water, adding 10+ drop of Citronella  and spraying yourself with it generously. It is better for you, has no toxic fumes, smells incredible, and is chemical free! You can get 100% pure all natural Citronella Oil from the Aroma Foundry by clicking here! It is even on sale right now for under $10!

Now go forward and enjoy your summer and spring without compromising your hair or skin! ♥


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