Friday, August 5, 2016

Yay or Nay? Maybelline's New "Nude" Pallete

Maybelline has been known for making their Nude palettes to rival Urban Decays Naked line. And while they aren't a perfect match, with a good primer they are close and much less expensive (costing only $10 compared to the $54 Urban Decay Palettes).

However recently Maybelline launched the "The Rocked Nudes" palette to rival the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. A lot people gave pause as the Rocked Nude palette isn't very... nude. There are few neutrals as it has mostly intense colors including a few purple and blue shades. However most considered 6 shades truly nude and that the three super grey and black tones could be considered nudes too... They really aren't nude but black is neutral I guess. 

Now we have our newest edition to the Maybelline Nudes collection, The Maybelline Graffiti Nudes Palette, exclusively at Ulta. Is this to far of a stretch though? 

What do you think? Is it time for 
Maybelline to create a palette outside of their "Nudes" collection, and to call it something else if it isn't Nude at all like this collection of colors? Some say it is nude enough, while others feel it is trying to compete with the Urban Decay Electric palette. I have also heard that it has "enough nudes" to be considered a nude palette.

My thoughts? No way is this competition for the electric palette. Not only are the shades not very similar (it does have the two blues like that and one of those pinks) but the pigmentation is what really make Urban Decay's electric palette sing. I just think they should name is something else, really Maybelline, it's okay to do something new. Urban Decay has tons of palettes outside of their Naked collection too. What do you think?

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