Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NEW: Favorite Eye Primer!

I usually don't do posts on here just talking about one product I love. But this is different. I am in love with a new product and I have to tell the world! I bought this product from ULTA Beauty not to long after it launched, because honestly I was curious. I just want people to know that the company did not send me this product, they are not paying for advertising, this is real! (p.s. I do not allow companies to pay me for good reviews EVER! My opinions are always 100% honest!)

This is the Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer.
I am in heaven. Seriously.

This is what the product is advertised to do:

  • lock in color and eye shadow
  • guard your lids and protect them from smoke, sun and pollution 
  • relieve dryness, while calming and soothing the eyelid
  • correct the color on your lids for an even and smooth look
Does it? YES! With flying colors! So how does it work? This product comes in a tube, you start by twisting the product up. I absolutely hate twist up liquid products. Even lipsticks! They are always messy. I feel like I have to wait a year for the product to come up and I am a super impatient person, so I always twist way to much. Then I have a big mess of product, an uneven application and a lot of waste. However the first time you use Air Patrol ever, you need to be a little patient, but it comes up fairly quickly compared to most. After you have used it the first time you literally only need one click per eyelid, and the product comes out in even amounts and almost instantly.

The product comes out on a clear-ish/pink cushion tip that they call the CushionCalm Tip. It is super gentle and amazing. Even when you put a little more pressure on your lid it contours nicely and is flexible so you do not hurt your eye. It is one of the best applicators I have seen in a long time.

Then you put the product on (I think they recommend you put it on in dots, but I just kind of smear it all over my lids haha) and sometimes I use my finger to dab it in and really set it. Putting it on is cooling and it looks and feels amazing!

I also like to use the Air Patrol under my eyes! It isn't shimmery and gives a soft finish that brightens my eyes and makes them look natural and awake!  Plus your under eyes need protection and color correction too! I have definitely seen an improvement over the last few weeks in my under eyes, they are not as dark and my eye lids also look brighter. I actually use Air Patrol eye single day, even lazy days where I don't wear makeup. When I do dramatic looks it is my primer that locks in color really well, and when I just put on mascara and liner, it brightens and opens up my eyes.

So yeah, I guess you could say I recommend this product. Oh and so does Opera, I believe it won an O-Ward from Opera, I would win one from me too. :)

You guys can buy it here for only $29 ↓

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