Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Do I know I am Hiring a good Makeup Artist?

This is the message I received this morning:

Dear Angela,

For my sisters wedding we hired a local makeup artist. We posted on a facebook group page (one that was made for those who live in our area) that we were looking for someone and she was one of the few who responded. She seemed super nice, and had a few pictures of her work which seemed really, really good on her facebook. On the day of my sisters wedding she came late, and the makeup looked horrible! It was nothing like the makeup she did in the pictures! My sister took it all off and redid her own makeup, but what a waste of $50! Then to top it all off she got an eye infection that manifested itself the next morning! How can I make sure this doesn't happen to me? 

Alexis H. 

Well Alexis, unfortunately this is a tough one, but I do have a few rules that can help you find a credible makeup artist.

1- Check Their Credentials
Did you know that in most states it is legal to style hair and do makeup without any kind of license or certification! YIKES! It is super easy to spread bacteria and viruses through eye and lip makeup, and proper cleaning and sanitation is a MUST. These are things that someone who does a certification course for makeup artistry or who is a licensed cosmetologist (or both, like me!) would understand properly. Ask them if they are licensed or if they have taken a certification course. Then ask to see their license or certificate. If the person you choose works in a salon or spa you are usually safe (as most places won't hire people who aren't licensed).

2- Check Their Website(s)
A serious makeup artist will have a real website. Your biggest mistake was looking at a few pictures from her personal Facebook profile and calling it good. She should have an actual website. Most makeup artists will also have other profiles, such as a Facebook Business Page, Instagram, Wedding Wire and a Google business profile.  These are all good things to have. The Google listing is great, because they can not have comments or reviews deleted, plus they have to register their business with Google, which is a process. however anyone can make a Facebook or Instagram, so be wary! But a real website, with a custom url (no .blogspot or .wix extensions) shows that the artist takes their craft seriously and is willing to invest in it.

3- References
In this industry references are hard to get! If they don't have any on Facebook or social media it's not a big deal, but they should be able to give you at least a few. Go back to that page and ask if anybody else has worked with her. If you ask me for references I can give you three contact names and emails, along with the pictures of the individuals I did services for. Any professional should be able to give you references some how! Another plus to them having a google business listing is that anyone can review it!

4- Do a Trial
I know these can be a pain in the butt, but do one, especially for something like a wedding! Not only do trials make sure that you and the stylist are on the same page and that you like the style you've picked, but it also allows you to make sure that you are using someone good on your big day. Not every stylist is for every client and vice-versa. Just because they are good, doesn't mean they are good at what you want, or that their personality fits with yours. You want your wedding day to be stress free, and a trial will help with that. However most artists charge for a trial, so still be selective about who you do a test run with.

If you follow these 4 steps you should be able to hire someone credible that you love for all of your important events!


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  2. I think you mean "illegal" under "Check Their Credentials".

    Also, the State Boards ONLY govern what transpires inside of a SALON OR SPA. It is true that individuals are not allowed to cut, color or chemically process hair without a license both in or out of a salon. However, styling hair or doing makeup on location for TV, film, print, or special occasion events, which include working on brides DOES NOT, fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Cosmetology. :)

    1. I actually meant legal, not illegal. I said that it is legal in most states for a hair and makeup artist to work without any training, certification or license! (followed up with a yikes!) This can cause your artist to not understand proper sanitation and cleaning, which is important when it is so easy to spread disease. Now in Utah you can do makeup without a license, but hair styling (if you use any sort of hot tool) is not permitted if you charge for it without a cosmetology license. I personally know people who have been fined for doing nails out of their home (over $3,000!), another friend who got fined for doing hair for proms and high school dances unlicensed ($1,600) and one esthetician who got her license taken away for doing hair for a bride as well! I know for sure that doing hair without a license is a big no-no in Utah. And going with a licensed or certified makeup artist will ensure that you get an artist who is serious about their career, is willing to invest in their education, and has been trained on proper sanitation procedures.


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