Monday, June 30, 2014

How do I Protect my Skin from the Sun?

This seems like an annoyingly obvious answer, but sunscreen! I know that a bottle of Coppertone from Walmart doesn't sound like the best thing to rub on your face, and you're right! It's really not. But there are a million types of facial sunscreens, and you should wear one every day. Here are some of my favorites and why, so you can pick the right one for you!

1- COOLA Mineral Sunscreen
Pros: Lightweight (it literally feels like you have nothing on!), designed for facial use, doesn't clog pores, scentless, absorbs oils
Cons: Not sweat or water proof, only SPF 30, lasts 4-5 hours, no moisture added
Best used for casual summer activities, walks in the park or the pool lounger and those with oily skin.
Do not use if you have dry skin

2- MaryKay Day Solution
Pros: adds moisture, SPF 35, lasts all day, doesn't clog pores, designed for facial use, sweat and water proof
Cons: pricey, heavy, has a faint funny smell
Best used for summer sports and heart racing outings or for those with very dry skin.
Do not use if you have oily skin.

3- Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen
Pros: Lightweight, doesn't clog pores, 50 SPF, lasts all day, moisturizing, sweat and water proof!
Cons: Not designed for facial use (but safe), has a faint funny scent, doesn't absorb oil
Best used for long days outdoors. If you are going to beach, hiking, or to a park for more than 6 hours use SuperGoop! Great for all skin types.

***Thanks to Danika for asking this question!***

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