Monday, June 30, 2014

How do I Protect my Skin from the Sun?

This seems like an annoyingly obvious answer, but sunscreen! I know that a bottle of Coppertone from Walmart doesn't sound like the best thing to rub on your face, and you're right! It's really not. But there are a million types of facial sunscreens, and you should wear one every day. Here are some of my favorites and why, so you can pick the right one for you!

1- COOLA Mineral Sunscreen
Pros: Lightweight (it literally feels like you have nothing on!), designed for facial use, doesn't clog pores, scentless, absorbs oils
Cons: Not sweat or water proof, only SPF 30, lasts 4-5 hours, no moisture added
Best used for casual summer activities, walks in the park or the pool lounger and those with oily skin.
Do not use if you have dry skin

2- MaryKay Day Solution
Pros: adds moisture, SPF 35, lasts all day, doesn't clog pores, designed for facial use, sweat and water proof
Cons: pricey, heavy, has a faint funny smell
Best used for summer sports and heart racing outings or for those with very dry skin.
Do not use if you have oily skin.

3- Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen
Pros: Lightweight, doesn't clog pores, 50 SPF, lasts all day, moisturizing, sweat and water proof!
Cons: Not designed for facial use (but safe), has a faint funny scent, doesn't absorb oil
Best used for long days outdoors. If you are going to beach, hiking, or to a park for more than 6 hours use SuperGoop! Great for all skin types.

***Thanks to Danika for asking this question!***

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Your Guide to Fashion Colors

Fashion Colors, in the hair industry refers to artificial hair colors that are vibrant and are not found naturally. Cherry Red, Purple, Blue, Canary Yellow, and Pink are all Fashion Colors. There are several brands, care instructions and other things but I am going to try to break down these colors for you right here.

1. Prep
You can not put a vibrant blue color on brown hair and get vibrant blue. You will end up with a blue-black-brown mess. You have to lighten your hair first. Going blonder, or even platinum will allow your color to have the vibrancy it needs. I urge you to do this step in a salon! Even if I can convince you to do the rest there!

2. Brands
Manic Panic and Splat are the two best selling brands in regards to fashion hair colors. I do not recommend them. I prefer Pravana Vivids. It is a Salon only brand, although you can purchase the color on Amazon. It does not need developer and the color always looks amazing! It is longer lasting, works faster, more vivid, and has better ingredients than Splat or Manic Panic.

3. After Care 
When it comes to fashion colors after care I insist on one shampoo and conditioning set only. Yes it's pricier, but it's worth it. Redken Color Extend Magnetics is sulfate free and amazing! I have never seen a shampoo that works better on color treated hair. Click HERE to get a full review on this product!

In short if you prep your hair professionally, use the right brand, and buy a great shampoo then your vivids will stay vivid for a lot longer, and you'll notice a difference!

***Thanks BabyBrooklyn for asking this question***