Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Color should I Dye my Hair to Bring Out my Eyes?

This all comes down to the color wheel. There are 6 colors on a basic color wheel. The colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel are known as complimentary colors. They bring out the other one and are pleasing to the eye when paired together. These combinations are often seen in holidays (Christmas is Red and Green), sports teams (The LA Lakers are Violet and Yellow) and company logos (FedEx is Blue and Orange). Use this color wheel as a guide and all of your problems will be solved when it comes to matching outfits, accessories and hair color.

If you have Green Eyes - While any color will really bring out your gorgeous green eyes reds and auburn will look best. Remember auburn means a red-brown, so do not go for orange (or copper) toned reds in your hair. I am sure the copper will bring out the blue somewhat, bu it will not be as bright as a red or auburn shade.
If you have Blue Eyes - Again one of the easier colors to bring out, but these eyes could really use some orange tones, which are best found in copper toned shades. Ask your stylist for a copper toned all over look.

If you have Brown Eyes - Brown is the trickiest shade to deal with because all brown eyes are different. However I have found that the safest route to go with brown is blonde! Most brown eyed babes have cooler undertones that stylists identify with violet (or purple). Because
of this a blonde (yellow) or super warm and light brown look will bring out the brown in your eyes and give your look a little more warmth.

If you have Hazel Eyes - You are a lucky duck! You have a combination of either brown and blue eyes or green and blue eyes. Because of this, you can make those eyes pop with any color on the wheel, and any of the looks mentioned above!

***Thanks to Anna Wright for asking this question*** 

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