Monday, May 19, 2014

Is it okay to go to a Beauty School instead of a Salon?

In a word, yes. Going to a beauty school will ensure that you are having high quality and good products used on your hair. Especially when it comes to hair color, beauty schools are much better than anything you can pick up at a drug store. Another major pro to going to a beauty school over a salon in price! Everything there is much less expensive!

There are a few negatives to beauty schools. Everything takes longer there. The students have to talk to their instructors at least 3-4 times before you can leave, and they often have to wait to communicate with them. You are also working with people who are less experienced. They might take you to short, or mess up your hair cut and while this is possible in a salon as well, it is more likely at a school.

Overall I think salons are the way to go, but if you can not afford to get your hair colored at a salon then going to a hair school is a much better option than using box color.

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