Monday, May 19, 2014

Going Lighter

When you want your hair to be a lighter color than it is there are only two options.

1- High Lift Color
High Lift Color is a professional line that will lift natural pigments from the hair while depositing new pigment. Did you catch how I bolded the word natural? That is because if you dyed your hair a dark color and now you want it to be lighter a high lift color will not work for you. You have to have 100% natural hair with no dye and no perms or chemical relaxers and no Brazilian blow outs done on it. 

2- Lightener
Yes, I know bleach has a bad rep. It is super damaging to your hair, causes breakage and damage galore! But if you go to a salon you have a %99 chance of having healthy hair after your service. Obviously this depends on your hair's history, but the bleach used in salons is a lot more gentle than what you find at a general beauty supply store. Professionals also have amazing products designed to hydrate and revitalize your hair after being lightened. 

I know that people hate to hear that they need to go to the salon, but I will reiterate do not try this at home. There is a reason that you have to get licensed to do hair. If you can not afford it go to a beauty school. Read more about why box color is bad for your hair, beauty schools vs salons, color oops and more below.

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