Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Does Trimming Your Hair Help It Grow Faster?

This question is an old myth and a question that I get asked a lot, including in the salon today! Does trimming your hair help it grow faster? In a word, no. But does getting a trim help your hair grow longer? Absolutely!

When you get split ends, those "splits" begin at the ends of the strand and will work their way up the stand until they break off or that strand falls out. If you get a true trim, dusting, or micro trim (this is when the trim only takes off .25 - .5 inches of the hair) then your hair will be able to stay healthy and full at the bottom! If you wait every 6 months to get a trim though, then all of those split ends have gone up the hair shaft, and more will have to be removed to get rid of the dead ends.

Think of a plank of wood. When it is freshly cut it takes a lot for it to get split at the end right? But once it has been split on the end it is relatively easy to make that split go the entire length of the wooden plank. So if you get true trims every 2 months, then your hair will only have been cut .75 inches in 6 months, but if you wait 6 months, your hair could need around 3 inches off to get rid of all of the damage.

So no getting a trim does nothing to make your hair grow faster persay, but it does maintain healthy hair, which allows you to grow your hair longer and keep it strong!

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