Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why I Don't Use MAC Makeup

MAC is probably one of the most well known high end makeup brand around. They have quality products that are heavily marketed twoards makeup professionals. They are well known for their eye shadows and foundations.

But I don't use MAC, and I have clients all the time ask me "have you used MAC before?" and the answer is yes. I did use MAC at one time. So here are the reasons I don't use MAC makeup.

The eye shadows they have are really good, but they are not as good as La Femme Eye shadows. Plus La Femme Eye Shadows are less expensive! Now La Femme is not as well known as MAC, and is usually only found at professional costume makeup supply stores (like Taylor Maid) or online. But they cost less and work better than MAC, and since I live close to a Taylor Maid store myself, I prefer La Femme.

I hate professional foundations. I wont use TIGI, MAC, or Krylon professional foundations on my clients ever! The reason for this is because for a makeup artist carrying around 35 different types of foundation is a little daunting. So Professional foundations are watered down and have clear or transparent fillers so that someone with different skin tones can use the same foundation. So instead of carrying around 35 you are carrying 6-8. The problem is all of those fillers don't make for a whole lot of coverage! So I really don't see the point in having a foundation application if you aren't covering anything! So I use Mary Kay. I actually have 35 liquid and 18 Powder foundations that I carry around with me. But I have happy and covered clients!

MAC is also well known for their makeup remover and brush cleaner. As far as their makeup remover, I have the same problem with it as their Eye Shadow. I have something better, that costs less. Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is amazing and only costs $15 (instead of MAC's $21)! The same goes for their brush cleaner, which is as good as MAC (I think they really preform the same) but costs a lot less. It's $10, while Mac's is $15, and with MAC's brush cleaner you have to use a lot more to do the same job, and Mary Kay's comes with more to begin with.

So there you have it, that is why I do not use MAC products, and what I choose to use instead and why.

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