Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sulfate Free Shampoo

This is the question I received this morning from one of my followers!

What is the difference between regular shampoo and sulfate free shampoo? 
Is sulfate bad for you hair? When should I use )or not use) a sulfate free shampoo?
So I'll start by explaining what sulfate is. It's an inexpensive filler product that creates lather and cuts through grease leaving your hair feeling nice and clean. The reason that some people choose not to use it is because it does strip your hair of essential oils, and some people feel also feel like it strips away color molecules in color treated hair. As far as the claims to "stripping" haircolor, they have never been tested, so that is just a claim. 

I do not use sulfate free shampoo. The reason for this is because when I do I feel (and look) like my hair is super greasy all the time. I don't generally recommend sulfate free shampoo for this reason. The only times I do is if you are doing The Ultimate Hair Cleanse or if you have super dry, thick and coarse hair. It maybe a nice idea to use a sulfate free color protecting shampoo for the first week or so after a hair color service, but that is not a must. Although my favorite one is Redken's Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate Free Shampoo. Just make sure not to get it mixed up with their normal color stay shampoo (which I also love, but is not sulfate free) and is called the Redken Color Extend Shampoo. The biggest difference is the sulfate free shampoo is in a pink bottle, while the normal color extend shampoo is in a red bottle. 

**Thanks to Kori Frank for asking this question***

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