Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How can I make my Makeup Last All Day?

There are lots of factors that will help you have long lasting makeup. Using primers will obviously help but one of the most important factors is just cleaning your skin properly. Use a daily skin care regimen once a day (either in the morning or at night) and then just wash your face with warm water once a day. When your skin is clean and healthy, makeup adheres to it better. It's just like if you put tape on a dusty surface it wont stick as well as to a clean surface. Other than that I have three great tips for making your makeup stay!

1- Use the Right Product
Make sure you are using the right foundation, and quality eyeliners and lipsticks and eye shadows. If you use crappy product, then you wont have good results. Here are some links to other blog posts of mine that will help you figure out what products you should be using.

  1. Skin Care
  2. Foundation
  3. Makeup Products

2- Makeup Finishing Spray
There are lots of makeup finishing sprays, but Mary Kay's is by far my favorite! It has fewer unnatural chemicals (because remember some chemicals are natural and not all bad) than other finishing sprays, it is light, and it adds moisture to the skin. I use this on my clients who want a dewy finish or who have dry skin. $18

3- Translucent Powder
This is a mineral setting powder that is translucent, so it is one size-fits all! It absorbs oil, helps defract light reflecting pigments, and helps your makeup stay on all day! I suggest this product for women who have oily skin, or are prone to breakouts. This also looks insanely great on camera! I also recommend Mary Kay's, because it the best quality, and I have never found any that works well, for this price before! This product is relatively new to Mary Kay, and before it came out I use BenNye and it was $20 for about 1/4 of this amount. This is a full compact size, and it's only $16!

Here are some links to buy these products
MaryKay Makeup Finishing Spray
MakryKay Translucent Powder

***Thanks to Annilisa for asking this question***

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