Sunday, October 20, 2013

How can I train my hair to part in a new place (or not part at all)?

I have had a few clients in my chair ask me this before and the answer is kind of lame. You can, but it takes time, product, and patience. So here is a step by step break down of how you can "train you part"!

1- Buy Gel

You can get fancy professional gel, (my favorite is the TIGI Hard Head Gel)  or you can just get some cheap sauve gel at walmart for $2. For this it really doesn't matter. You just need a lot of gel.

2- Figure out where you want your New Part

This step is kind of self explanatory. So figure out where you want your new part and part you hair there (as best you can)

3- Apply Gel

When I say "apply gel" I don't mean "apply a healthy amount of gel throughout the hair" I mean apply a metric ton of gel to that one spot of hair at your new part. So if I part my hair on my left side, but now I want to part it in the middle, I will part my hair in the middle and the put gel on that middle part.

4- Wait.

You hair will look stupid. It really will. And it will feel crusty and dry, and awful. But you must wait.

5- Repeat

Yes, that's right. One go does not do what you need. You must repeat this about 3 times to get your desired results (with ethnic hair it's usually 5 times).

*Helpful Tips*
  • do this right before bed, and let the gel sit overnight and then shower in the morning. 
  • if you do choose to do this right before bed, using a little bit of professional gel product might be wise throughout the day. A professional product is less detectable than a cheap one.
  • If you are a guy trying to loose your part altogether, skip step 2, and apply the gel thoroughly. Then mess your hair up into that "no part" positioning. 

***Thanks to Gino Williams for asking this question!***

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