Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What are the different types of Hair Removal Methods and which is the Best?

There are several hair removal methods, including electrolysis, and laser hair removal. But I am not going to go over those two, they are both electric ways of permanently removing hair. They are expensive and time consuming as well. Here are the simple and inexpensive methods of hair removal.

1- Shaving
Obviously you use a razor to cut off the hair at the surface of the skin. But what I am about to share with you will change your shaving-life! Razors are SO expensive! I hate it! To get three Venus razor blades it costs $13+ dollars! SO unless you want crappy bic ones that cut you up you are out of luck! Until now! Join the Dollar Shave Club. It's amazing. There are three plans you can join. All plans come with a solid and comfortable handle. You either get 5 two blade cartridges every month for $1, 4 four blade cartridges every month for $6, or 4 six blade cartridges every month for $9. I recommend the 4 blade for leg shaving! You can also set you plan to ship these blades to you once every other month! I get a brand new razor every other week for $3 a month! (I use the 4 blade and have it set to send them to me every other month) I never have nicks or cuts and I get a smooth shave every time! Plus I am saving money! What could be better!

2- Waxing 
You can get full body waxing everywhere, but I usually have it done on the face. Hair is ripped out of the follicle by means of warm wax. This is best done professionally. Go to a salon or beauty school to have it done for $10 - $5!

3- Hair Removal Creams
These are okay to use on the face, but I don't recommend them anywhere else. The best to get is Sally Hansens Facial Hair Removal Cream, you can get it at WalMart. But the effects don't last as long and there are more risks involved in using it. It is more likely to clog pores and it can burn your skin and irritate it if left on for to long. 

***Thanks to Kay for asking this question***

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